Rhokit Update


15 thoughts on “Rhokit Update

  1. *Breeves saih ov releef* Ai wuz inna horspital ER lass munf, sew Ai noe hao scaree it cna b. Sending moar beems frum sunny Floriduh!!!!!

  2. {{{{{{{Rhokit}}}}}}}} Ai herd last nite! Ai wuz so sad to heer u ar in the horse spittle! Awl mai beems ar foar u and awl mai prayers ar foar u! Plz to get beddur soon, aifinkso! {{{{{{{Rhokit}}}}}}}}}

  3. Sew glad teh immediate Bad is over — nao wii continyoos to pray eggstra hardhardhard for more gud gnoos and healifications! Wii iz wif yoo, dear Rhokit!

  4. Rhokit, yu nawt noez mii, but healing beemz be coming yor wai frum Pencilvayneea. Yu ar lubbed adn missed. Plz tu getting stronger adn giving yor Cheezfrenz a smile. Fite fite fite hard! {{{{Rhokit}}}}

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