31 thoughts on “Rhokitz Surgery

  1. Taht amz soh grayt abowt teh surjury. Nao mowr heelifying beemz adn awl appendijiz crawssed fur a beenyn rezolt frum teh lab. Bestish wishiz fur recubbery. {{{{{{{Rhokit}}}}}}}

  2. Oh, how I was hoping for a good update! Fankeez sew much 4 postifyin–dose prayerz adn beemz-ov-luv adn heelin am hedding to Rhokit rite nao adn into da future! non-stawp!

  3. Oh, whew dat the sirjury wented well. Heeling and recubbery beems still awn megamax setting >>>>> ❤ ❤ ❤

    And crawsing all apendijis fur gud news awn the paffolologee

  4. DeerGoddeerGooddeerGod!!! Fanku soe mush fore teh sur jerry goning wel and owr Rhokit in teh stablol comdishums! Noaw 2 plz habbing dis stoopy too mer be teh bee nine, yesh, plz? An stringf an healf furr herz getting bedder allatyme, yesh, plz!!!


    (Beems an prarer goinggoinggoing up 2 Bufflolow!!!)

  5. I am so grateful that Rhokit did well in the surgery! I continue to pray for healing and all of her deepest needs being met. GOD bless you, Rhokit, dear, and GOD bless you, too, Lea for caring and for keeping us posted. I pray for your peace as well.
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  6. Bigg strawng beems adn huggs cummin frum teh souf edn ov Afrikka fore Rhokit adn Lea, hoep teh nekst nooz is gud {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Rhokit adn Lea}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. iff ai hab no strenf to stannup
    in mai mynd ai stil wandah
    froo teh streetz adn parkz
    teh playcez ai shayr wif yoo

    iff ai hab noe strenf to tuch yoo
    ai stil noez yoor tehre besyde me
    teh wurdz yoo neber spoek stil
    az lowd az tehy awl waes wer

    iff ai hab no strenf to kyss yoo
    ai’l wayt ant issy patin
    taht most preshuss ov momentz
    wen yoo, wunse moor, kyss mee

    iff ai hab no strenf to tell yoo
    tehn noe taht ai stil lubz yoo
    adn taht yoo ar teh centre
    ov mai purr sun ull yoonibers

  8. O YAY Rhokit!!
    SUCH gud news!!

    Leamarie, fankes for awl teh timely uppydates. Does yoo fink, when Rhokit am settled wherever she goes from teh horse spital dat we culd send RL cards?

  9. {{{{{leamarie}}}}} Fankies fur dis update. Dis iz indeed wundermous gnus. Dis be step nawt-sekund. Nao to send beems fur da benign cells. *-*-*-*-*>>>>> Rhokit

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