Happitail Mews

Dis b from Cattails: *duz a happytayl dans*

Wanna hear sum happitail mews about KCT?

I stopped by to see her tonight. She looked so pretty in a new outfit and her new haircut. She was wearing a cyoot sweatshirt wif a kitteh on it. Moar importantly, she was wearing a big smile! I fink the pain is moar better unner control now and she luks healthier and moar relaxified than I hab seen in ages.

She am getting along real gud wif the staff and ovver peeps der. They bring her mail ‘n wait till she opens it so they can see her cards, too. They get egg sighted when she be gettin cards frum all ober teh whirled! Eberyone comments on her wild socks…she gots flair!

Tomorrow she goes to see Dr. Tinycat and hopes to get some idea from him about how soon before they will know the verdict on her knee. She am makin gud plans fur herself.

Purrs n stuff,


19 thoughts on “Happitail Mews

  1. KCT gotz stiyle, herz gotz flair!!! Wif herz socks KCT gonna kiks teh MRSA awayawayaway sumwear!

    Fankies Cattails fur da uppydate adn awl ur helpins!

  2. iff tehrez wun fin…
    iff tehrez twe fin…
    iff therez lotz ov fingz ai cood wish for, tehn
    tehrez gusheefudz adn bellehrubz adn hedbonkz adn adn adn

    iff ai had mai druvverz
    tehn ai’d hab niptoiz n eerskritjez n sleepz n wormf n

    hoo ai gotta snorglol to get fed rownd heer

    ai WANNA BEE HELFY!!!!!!!!

    ai wanna goe hoem
    • {{{Sunovawot}}}

      Nawt sure whether u laiks to be hugged or not, but pweeze know that it makes me sad to see u in this state, k? Ai be in Miz Foofytayl’s Tea Room iffn u wants to tawk.

      • ai’m sowwy, yoo mizunnerstand, ai yooshoo ally rite reck ogg nise abul pomes, tihs tym ai had a diffrent ide ear, butt itz styl mai attempt to putt maiseff in sumwum elsez shooz adn eggs press wot ai tihnk ai wood feel ( nott wot ai tihnk tehy feel yoo unnerstand, ai wood nott pretend to taht, juss wot ai tihnk ai wood feel)

  3. *dansdansdans* [hakhakhak coffcoff SNORT]
    Ai bin stayin aweigh becuz Ai haz teh floo [fankeez tew mai Gawdkidz] … butt (!) Ai iz sew happy tew here dat KCT beez feelin bedder! Yoo jess tell dat stoopy MRSA tew STAY AWEIGH adn yoo dew eberyfing dat Dr. Tinycat tellz yoo — eben wen ur tew tard tew dew it. Dass teh owenlee weigh tew GET TEH HEK OUDDA DERE!
    Beemz adn prayerz frum Teckxus!

  4. *…calls up teh all-doggie vuvuzela marching band to come gibs a performance at KCT’s plaice…*

    O, wii has happy tails, waggy tails — awl kinda tails at dis bery gudgudgud gnoos!! Fankees for teh pupdate. Wii iz wif yoo KCT!!!

  5. Cattails: dis gibes me such happiness dat ai started tu dansdansdans. Iz good tu hear dat KCT hazza smile az big az da sunshine. HA! kitteh shirt adn soks – dats da bestest combinashun anywun culd haz. Fankies fur da uppydates. {{{{{Cattails}}}}}

  6. Dis be grate! Eben dough herz iz still a liddol unkomfee, ai m happee dat herz iz habbin fun wif da staff adn herz socx, adn stuffz. u beez a grate friend, tew! hoorayz fur Cattails adn kct!

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