Rhokits Recubbery

Moar gnuz frum LeaMarie!


13 thoughts on “Rhokits Recubbery

  1. Thank you for the updates! With her permission, of course, maybe you could post an addy for cheezfrends to send a card after you talk to her? If Rhokit would rather not give an addy (I would understand completely) please to tell her that cheezfolks are thinking of her and wishing her well! Kaithxshmoo!

  2. Go Rhokit!!! Cheezland is wif yoo awl teh ways adn yoo wills do splendiferously at teh therapies! Wii still sending teh beeeeeeeeemz adn prayers!

  3. Deer Rhokit,
    doan eet da lime jellow wif karrot shabingz!11!!
    glad u r beddur, adn habingz a great friend LeaMarie! Adn all ob ur cheezfriends, hoo r sending luv-beemz adn heelin! Mee-too, ai’m sendin beemz….
    Heer r sum springie flairs (daffodilly adn two-lipz, adn stuff) 4 u tew halp forgit da jellow!

  4. Fankiez Lea! Ai hopez Rhokit hassa gud stai an ai noez awl teh nursiz an dokturs gonna lubz her an treetz her naic. Wez awl xcitid bout her recubbery an impashuntz te see her agin! pls pass teh gud wisheez frum meh to her!

  5. Yay Rhokit!! (& another great pic, Leamarie)

    Ai haz herd dat teh more evidence ub caring familee & frends in teh Recubbering patient’s life, teh better care dey getz from teh staffs.
    ie; phoney calls, snail mail cards.
    Ai be happytale to send Rhokit a Get Well Wifaquikness Card if she am comfortable giving teh address ub teh Rehab place.

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