Hello Cheezyfriendz

looky wut landinged in mai emayoz ovewrnite:


This is everyonesxwife, aka T.
I am having surgery Thursday, March 3, and need some prayers and happy beams sent my way for a quick recovery.
I am going to be fine but I will be on complete bed rest for 2-12 weeks following my surgery and my partner, Mark, will be taking on my duties as Momma.
He will be working 8-7 Mon-Fri and 9-6 on Sat THEN coming home and tending to me, the 5 dogs, and the 20 odd cats.
Everyone has medications and special diets and special needs.

Thank you very much!
And, of course, I won’t be able to get online since my computer is a desktop and I won’t be allowed to sit up for the first 2 weeks – so I won’t be visiting the website or any of my friends!
Please explain that so no one thinks I am mad at them, okay?
Thanks a Bunch!


19 thoughts on “Hello Cheezyfriendz

  1. I haz huzzybind, and he cud nawt handel dis, so am sending lots and lots and lots ob beems fur ur partner Mark, beems ob strength, ob patience and ob memoree!!!! meny beems tu u tu, sew teh git bedder part goes fast fast!

  2. Ai lafffffed sew muchly dat ai spitz all ova mah puta skreen. Ai betz u keeps Mark laffin da hole tiem. Haz a gets betta qwikqwikqwik adn stremf tu Mark tu maek it frew dis!

  3. {{{{{{{{everyonesxwife, aka T. adn Mark}}}}}}}}
    Pashenz adn getzbettah wishez tew yoo, adn lotsa strenf adn PostIt noatz tew Mark!

  4. Ha! now Mark will apreeshe-ate all yu do as da Momma ! (‘specially when himz fawls ober in ‘zaution after the first day!- an don chew laff at him yu naughty boy!) btw- ‘zactly how odd is yur kittys?
    ai must say i admire yur good spirits in facing what is b4 yu. what a big diffurance it can make in yur recubbery ! keep yur gud spirits up, ai hops Mark is makin lotsa obertime- wif dat skedule he shud b getting 2 hrs a day and 9 hrs sat at time ana half ! yes sir! ifn he isnt, den yu shud call yur local fed dept of labor and tell dem hats goin on all our beems for recubbery for yu and n er gy an love n payshuns for Mark, yep,yep!

  5. Take care of yourself and heal quickly. Sending lots of healing beems to you. Plus extra beems for Mark. May he not go bald or lose his mind 😉 XXXXX

  6. Good luck to you both, I hope Mark has your light heartedness. And go to bed on time ’cause it start’s all over again first thing in the morning! ( Sometimes, I pretend I’m a farmer and the world is depending on me.) Dooty calls. Get better as soon as you can, T.

  7. Oh my CC! so sorry to hear of your illiness…will miss your silliness. Better get a Blackberry or smart fone so we can hear about your getting betterness! Heal fast!

  8. When my hubcat was wif teh sickness in him, ebberywon sed, “REST” tew be helfy win himself comes home. Ub corse, I didnawt! But! Shudda!

    So, yur job iz tew be following Dr. TinyCat’s orders tew teh letter, and rest and healify, tew be halping poor Mark win yoo revive, snerk.

    Donut noze wut yur sir jury am for, but, PLEASE! Rest and recoup, and please heal nicely and live happily ever after! Please?

    Moar beems…>>>>>>>!!!>>>>>>>!!!>>>>>>>>>>>!!>>>>>!♥♥♥♥♥

    Ai am lyking teh “happily ebber after,” and wanting won fur yoo tew, you seem so grate!

  9. Wut Sunny and ebry buddy else seded! U wil bee wanting to push yurself, but teh bestest fing u can do for Mark and teh goggies and teh kittehs.
    ++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++
    {{{{{{{Mark and T}}}}}}

  10. Wish yu a gud fast recubbur. If Mark can do all that and is still around when you’re up again, he’s a keeper. My bff has a Mark who took care of her after surgery but not so many animals. He’s still around.

  11. Good recubbery beemz<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>> wiff bellz on. Listen to doctorz and above all keep Mark he soundz terrific!

  12. Hey, T, i know this is late—Scott has been having the lappytop and so while i read and prayed, i didn’t have time to answer! Mark, get enough sleep, and don’t do what i tend to do–stay up too late reading! Take it moment by moment and know that you have many prayers and good wishes behind you–you won’t be able to do this in your own strength, okay? GOD be with you both in healing and caregiving. May it go uneventfully and steadily upward towards health and joy!
    Love you bunches! —janey (altosinger)

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