Moooving Day

Dis b coming from Altosinger (janey)


Today Scott moves to Good Samaritan Care Center! He was eating breakfast when they told him, so he called me—while i was eating breakfast. Hmm. Anyway, for those who want to know, the address is 702 N. 16th Ave., Yakima WA, 98902. Room # 508.

He is doing SO well–sat up in the chair yesterday for about 2 hours! And they put him back on full diet today, too. I must run—another update to give to my other list. GOD bless you all—keep praying for complete healing!
Love you! —janey


9 thoughts on “Moooving Day

  1. yay ! wut she said^ so they’ve conquered the colitis? at least temporairily?
    is this placement a gud one? duzz he like it there? is the fud gud? I am a member of Carol’s Crew, we b abowt 10 cheezpeeps who b helpin Kctailkinker ne way we can, an I know how not nice sum places can b- I hopin he’s in a nice plaice. Did ne buddy say how long he is expected to b der? an is it home after? loves, hedbonks an schmoozes to yunScott

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