Rhokit at Rehab

more newz bowt Rhokit frum LeaMarie:



11 thoughts on “Rhokit at Rehab

  1. U tell Rhokit we iz awl thinking ob her, an wishing her well. Still sending beems ob comfort an lub and soothing to hur!

  2. Ai am glad, too , tath she can bee at hoam wif hur kittehs.

    But still so verree sad . . .

    {{{{{{{Rhokit and awl hoo luv hur}}}}}}}}}}

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{rhokit}}}}}}}}}}}

    Please, have a peaceful heart.

    Please, know that you are loved so much!

    Please, enjoy every moment of your life; moments are precious.

    Please, sleep when you need to, rejoice when you can, and snorglol your kittehs.

    Please, look up to the skies at night, and wonder.

    Please, look around at your friends, and be satisfied.

    Please, taste, and dream, and touch, and love, and speak, and listen and feel…to carry the memories with you, to be knowing how special you are… to BE.

    Just BE, sweet rhokit, as long as you can be.

    We are with you. ♥

  4. Ai sendin da beems on hai and sendin a HAI wif da beems! Fankies Sunnyhuckle fur da uppydates adn bein dere!

  5. Yayz fer goign hoem!! Ai hoepz yew haz lotsa kittehluvz adn kissez — taek caer ov yersef adn noe htat wee iz awl finkin boutchew, Rhokit.
    Luv adn beemz frum Tecksus.
    {{{{{{{{Rhokit adn famblee}}}}}}}}

  6. I am glad you get to be at home—familiar surroundings beats the daylights out of being in rehab, no mtter hoe nice the facility. GOD bless you, dear heart, and may He hold you in the palm of His hand and give you the comfor and healing you need.
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

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