KCTailkinker is Duin Gud!

dis awsum nuuz b frum  SparkysMom:

KCTailkinker is duin gud!

here’s an uppydate to u bowt our KC-

last weekend cattails and her supur hubbi, Chuk, went to visit an took hur Inky kitty to see his mawm! he wented sniff, sniff, sniffin awl ober hur room an made himself at home on hur bed! note the attractiv bed covurs so she b warm- luks liek ders a frow on hur bed wif sumkinda creetshure onit?  wonder what dey cud b?

here’s a link to take yu to catails pics ob da big venture: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=116793269533810595347&target=ALBUM&id=5581107004460380817&authkey=Gv1sRgCInRu_zdrLihZg&feat=email

i tested da link n it werks for me, hope it werks for yu.

mimikitti n her dottur also bisited on sunnurday, bringin good cheer n lubs to our Carol!

den tuesday der was a bisit wif da ‘fectious disease docky an 2day was da bone docky. awl good! sed rate is down meanin da ‘bad ‘fection is goin awai an da bone guy say dey can do new sir jury 2 put in new nee when der b no fecshun for 2 weeks!

yu can send hur a e-meow at: kctailkinker@yahoo.com

keep dem cards an fleurs comin! n da beems ob heelin, yessiree!  yu guys b sendin da beri bestest beems ob awl!


11 thoughts on “KCTailkinker is Duin Gud!

  1. YAY KCT!! Awl dose beemz adn lubz R helpin!!
    Dat Inky iz wun fein kitteh — he luks liek mai nawt-sekund sun naemd Mr. Willy, Haredresser tew teh Starz. He shur seemz cumf … cumfur … att eze in hiz mommaz rum.
    Taek care, KCT, adn get hoem suun!!!
    Lubz adn moer beemz frum Tecksus!

  2. O Inky iz beeeeeeeeeyootimus kitteh! Waht fun to go sees his mawm! Wii iz sew glad KCT is doing gudgudgud — teh beeeeeeeeeeeemz adn prayers continyoo!

  3. inky iz teh handsum baby, an he shore duz lub himz mommy! fank yoo for teh lubbely picshoors! *skwinches eyes tight to send eben more positib & happee beemz to KCTailkinker*
    {{{KCTailkinker & Inky}}}

  4. Huzzah! hao wundermuss, an whut grate pikshurs! ai em shur taht Inky maid KCT feel mutch bedder, seh hazza sutch a big happeh in teh fotos. fangs foar sharing teh guud gnus!!

  5. I am so glad you are doing better, sis. GOD continue to blesss you! Did you do something like pray for patience? You know that is a dangerous thing to pray for! 😉 ! I continue to pray!
    Love you bunches! —janey (altosinger)

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