Uppy Date on Scott

Dis b in mai emayoz frum altosinger:

Hi, folks! I have not written because Scott has had the laptop, and the desktop has some quirks i don’t know how to overcome. This is overdue, and i am sorry it’s taken so long.

Scott is continuing to improve. He has a couple of spots on the incision on his back that are not completely healed up, but they are looking better daily, and i am sure they will be fine in the long run. He is able to do more with both arms and legs daily. He is not walking yet, even with the walker, but there is no doubt he will. He is able to sit on the edge of the bed with minimal help to get him in that position. His mood is more stable. He wants to be HOME, doggonit, and i would be glad to have him home! His mind is doing just fine–a few cognitive issues, but they did have him under anaesthesia 3 times in fairly short order, and that is enough to mess with ANYone’s short-term memory! He is most definitely Scott. He has received a couple of cards from some of my on-line friends today, and that was wonderful for his frame of mind! Thank you! He does get frustrated that things are not moving along as quickly as he would like, which is only natural, so he needs prayer for grace and joy, please!

Scott is in Good Samaritan Care Center, and they have moved him to room 510–it has the same square footage as the other room, but it is better set up to use the Hoyer lift which he will need till he builds more strength in core and leg muscles. In any case, he is coming along nicely, and he can see progress. It can be discouraging, though. It is coming up on 3 months since he has been home.

Today he was up in the wheelchair, and we wandered around some, and saw a lady from the memory-care wing, holding and cuddling a baby-size dolly. That reminded him that things could be much worse, and that he had a lot for which to be thankful. Do keep us both in your prayers–as C. S. Lewis said, the enemy’s favorite thing is to get us to give in to temptation when had we but known it, deliverance was just around the corner. Thank you, and GOD bless you all!
All my love—janey


10 thoughts on “Uppy Date on Scott

  1. Hoorae fer Scott adn altosinger!! Teh prayerz DUZ werk. [Nawt taht Ai had enny dowt.] Adn ov corse teh beemz!
    Janey and Scott, I am so happy that things are looking so good for you — Scott, patience isn’t my thing either, but you can’t rush healing. It happens in God’s time and with His help. So just do what everyone else tells you [are you a control freak like me? ha!] and go with the flow. And Janey, I know how hard this has been — and is — for you, but you are amazing in your acceptance and grace. What an amazing lady.
    God bless both of you and take care!

    • Thanks, sweetie—to paraphrase, i am only an ordinary woman with an extraordinary GOD. I will show him what you have said!
      all my love—janey

  2. I’ve been remiss in keeping up with you/Scott but am glad to know there’s improvement. Did someone mention “patience” ? Think it’s my turn to learn that.

    • Oh, it is good to hear from you! Do drop a line—you have been in my mind and my prayers lately.
      GOD bless you, dear heart!
      Love you lotses! —janey

    • Thank you, Nell! We got your card! Scott was a little puzzled at your “handle”–it has something to do with your goggie, doesn’t it? Anyway, Thank you for the card and the prayers. They make all the difference!
      Love you bunches! —janey (altosinger)

  3. {{{{{{{janey}}}}}}}

    Please tew be getting as much rest as you can, tew save some strength for when Scott comes home. I know is hard, but is very important…ifn you do nawt take care of you, cannot take care of Scott. I noze, is very very hard…

    beems to you both…


  4. ai will pray for grace an joi for Scott…so glad dat Scott am still dooing gud! ai send beemz ub cheezlub to yoo bof! {{{Janey & Scott}}}

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