We Iz Fine In Japan

Dis gud nooz b cumminged in mai emayoz frum cantate:

This is Cantate and kittehs and goggie reporting that in spite of yesterday’s enormous earthquake and ensuing evacuation of the school, we are all fine. Feeling lots of aftershocks. Thought you would like to know.




23 thoughts on “We Iz Fine In Japan

  1. Thanks be to teh Boss of CC! We iz sew gladified to heer dis, adn beeeemz adn prayers continyoo for awl dose hoomins adn animlols in yoor country. {{{{{{{Cantate adn famblee}}}}}}}

  2. Very glad to hear that you are safe. My sympathies go out to all the people of Japan who have been devastated by this terrible tragedy.

  3. Ai wuz watching da TV coverage dis morning adn wuz so sad. Ai iz glad dere iz many peeps adn their furpets are okay.

  4. Oh, sweetheart, you were in my prayers as is the whole country. I am SO glad you are all right!
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  5. So glad that you are all OK. We saw virtually direct coverage here in Australia, as we are on same time zone…..so scary for all of you, and for us so soon after the New Zealand quake. Stay strong, and remember that cheezefrends all over the planet are sending love and comforting beemz to you, and all of the people in Japan.
    {{{{{{{ Cantate }}}}}}}

  6. Arrigato, CC, fur keeping Cantate and kittehs and goggie safe! And, thank you, Cantate for letting us know. I saw you on the cheezpeeps map and had a worriet; so glad you are OK!
    Sending beems to the peepuls of my birthplace…


  7. Gud beems adn pozytiv forts tew Cantate, animlols adn awl in Japan – trooly hawrendus sceens awn teh teevee. Fankees fore teh uppydaet, shur awl cheezpeeps am sendin gud wishez.

  8. The devastation and loss of life is unimaginable. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Japan, and other countries affected by terrible natural disasters. My heart goes out to them all!

  9. Giving thanks that you and your fur family is okay. Praying hard for all the people of Japan. I can’t imagine what it must be like. All the Cheezfriends are here for you and sending prayers, thoughts and beems to Japan.

  10. O, Cantate and fambly bof hoomun & animimolols! Mai prayers foar u and ur fambly and awl the peeple ov Japan. Mai hart brakes foar awl. {{{{{{{{{Cantate & fambly hoomuns & animolols}}}}}}}}}}

  11. I am so thankful that Cantante and her family are well, and as many have said, I am praying for you all, all the good people and animals in Japan, that there will be help and peace and the earth will stop shaking…that the nuclear reactors will be shut down or cooled down and that God will keep you all in His care… love and prayers go out for you and all who are going through this disaster! What a lovely example your people are of grace and kindness in a terrible time…such strength has been shown in this tragedy! May God hold you and heal your land… Again, love and prayers ..LunaKitteh (Sharleen Parker)

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