Advicez Needed

Dis cawl fur halpz frum sodakgrrl came in mai emayoz dis ebening.

Ohai awl teh Cheezpeeps,

ai bii teh sodakgrrl adn ai haz ben lurkkin fore teh manee, manee monthz.  Ai haz seen teh Cheezpeeps 2 bii beree halpful, adn iz hopin u can 2 advize mii.

*Lolspeak off*  whew!

In a few months, I will be making a move halfway across the country–about a 16 hour drive–and I plan to make it in two days.  My two dogs are pros at traveling, my two cats–not so much.  Even a half hour drive to the vet’s office IS A BIG DEAL, so you can imagine my trepidation at the upcoming move!  Has anyone out there been in this situation before?  How do I remove as much stress as possible from the trip?  I have a small, individual carrier for each cat, but what do I do about pitstops during the day?  One of my cats is ahhhhh, “vocal” under the best of circumstances.  Anything to do about that?  I’m sure there are many other challenges I haven’t even considered, so I would be ever so grateful for any advice I receive!



22 thoughts on “Advicez Needed

  1. Ohai, sodakgrrl!!!

    I haz several wrekker mendations.

    1. talk tu ur vet abowt deh trip. Asking fur tranquilizerz fur deh kittehz. My Bud am nawt too unhappy bowt deh ridingz but still, it am deh stressful fur him. mai vet gavinged mii “Composure Liquid” by Vetri-Science $50 for 8 oz. (188 servings) I give him 2ccs abowt a half hour before wii hit deh road. It keeps him from pacing arownd and fussing at us.

    2. Let deh kittehz noez dat deh carrierz am dhere “house.” Since u haz several months b4 u move, put deh boxez in ur house wif towelz or blankeez in dem so deh kittehz can get used tu dem. U mite start wif deh doorz and/or tops off of deh carrierz to encourage dem tu spend time in them.

    3. Tell the kittehs wut am going on. Ifinso deh kittehz unnerstand more than wii often think they do. Say “we am moving tu a noo howse far, far away. U will haz noo birdeez to look at and noo nayborz. But I will b dhere wif u and feed u and snorglol u and lub u.”

    4. U kin gitting deh calming collarz at the pet storez or Wally Whirld dat haz deh pheromonez dat halp deh kittehz relaxify in stressful situationz. Putting it on a week or so b4 the move and leave it on for a couple of weeks after the move. while u are packing fingz up dhe howse will nawt b “normal” and this will halp keep dem from stressing owt b4 hand. Once u are moved, it will halp deh kittehz feel comfortable in deh noo howse.

    Gud luk!!

  2. ok, lets start at da begining- first, i agree wif eberi fing da cween said. second, yu gotta NAWTtry to dribe 8 hrs 2 days inna row. ar yu goin alone? i’m gonna assume yu are. yu gotta build in time fur stopping fur da breaks for da kittys. get yu harnesses an leashes for dem. get dem used to being outside wif yu onna harness n leash. when yu puts dem inna car, in der crates, try putting the crate doors facing each uvver, so dey can see der nawt alone. stop eberi 2 hrs (or more) let’em owta da crates for snorgelin n pettings for a few minutes den clik on da leashes and take’em outside for a walk.
    each kitty is differant and will react differently to da stress. my kittys dat i took onna long car trip frew up in der crates awl day. gib yurs plenty ob water durin da day. den stop dribin by 6 pm, tak’em inside (a motel, i assume) for a couple of hours of playin n snorgles an maybe sleepin on sumfin witch is NAWT moobin. den feed’em and have a litterpan der for dem. dont leeb dem alone in da room, they’ll go balistic. (do da dribe frew fast food for yur dinner, etc)
    what eber happens, yu b calm, cu dey’ll tak dat frum yu.
    what an adventure! gud luk to yu n yur kittys! hab fun!

  3. ^^^^^^ yeah, whut they said … and you might sleep in old tshirts for a couple of nights, then put those in the carriers, so the kitties might be comforted by having your hoomin smell with them.

  4. Carriers are nawt gud for long trips AT ALL ! You could even call it unkind to cramp them up for so long.

    We old folks relocated lasst year and moved 9 GSD goggies and four kittehs all by our selves.

    We used one of our large wire dog crates that had enough room for a open litter box is for our 800 mile 24 hour relocation trek.

    You can be inventive and do what I do by placing a milk crate on it’s side ( put in corner of big dog crate) flooffy blankie in milk crate and floofy towel or sumin over top of same milk crate. This will give 2 sleeping areas for teh weary traveling kittehs.

    Over the main big goggie crate put a cover ( big towel, sheet or blankie , leaving the front uncovered for air. Kittehs like the private cave feeling.

    This is the safest and most secure way to move kittehs back & forth from the car to the motel or the new howse.
    HTH, Be Safe,


  5. I traveled from Maine to Illinois in 2 days, and had my 2 cats with me. My car was filled to the brim with all my stuff, so I didn’t have room for a big crate. I put a litter box down on the floor and bought a tippable water bowl. Neither kitty had travelled before and one of my kitties had a high strung personality. They actually did very well. They just hunkered down in the car somewhere. I think I was most fearful when I stopped at a hotel, and had to get them out. That actually went fairly well, too. My nerves were shot, but we all survived. 🙂

  6. Ai habs tew confess, ai noes beri littlol abawts moobing teh kittehs, adn mai sheppies lub car rides. But ai wants to beri strawngly sekkund sumfing dat owr dear cween saidified: Talks to teh kittehs adn tells dem eberyfing dat wills happen adn emfa…empisiz…tells dem strawngly adn offen dat yoo is a famblee adn ares awl moobing togevver. Ai has moobed rescued doggs adn had friends moob rescued doggs, adn between teh wuns dat told teh doggies dat ebberbuddy was moobing togevver adn teh doggies was notnotnot being lefted, and teh wuns dat didn’t splain fings to teh doggie — was liek nite adn day in terms of teh doggies nawt getting teh separation anxieties adn stuff. Gud luks wif teh moob — but pleeeeeze don’t try to drive 8 hours at a tiem awl by self. Iz too much!

  7. We are travelling right now in an RV wif a kitteh and a goggie. Although there is room to walk around, mah kitteh prefers to hide under her blanket in one room in da corner on da floor. When I check her she gives me da stink eye ifinkso. She will not eat or drink while we are moving.

    Eberybodies advice is perfect but I want to add one thingl MAKE SURE the kittehs are restrained and you can see them BEFORE you open any doors. Iz almost impossible to get a kitteh who runs away and is afraid and is hiding so making sure that they are restrained and you can verify that you see them in their closed cages before opening any door (or window) where they can get out. Good luck!

  8. Fanks, sodakgrrl fur yur posty/question!

    *lolspeak off*
    (sorry, inexperienced lolspeak typer)…
    –And thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have wondered the same thing! Have considered a 10 hour move out-of-state but have been REALLY uneasy about how to move my 2 cats… the point of scratching any type of move like that. What are your thoughts on this….is there any risk that the cats would get urinary infections from “holding it”. Even if you have a litter box available for them, they would probably be too scared to use it until “the world” stopped and they were back in a home environ. I worry that I would no sooner get moved in and they would need a vet visit. Your ideas?

    Much appreciated!
    *lolspeak back on*

  9. Yesh, I wood definitlee get teh medz frum teh vet. I mooved mai kitteh akross teh hole country (USA) an she am liek yer kittehs – teh 10 minit drive to teh vet an teh worstest fing eber! She am a kwiet kitteh but in teh kar, she HOWLS. I had ta drive for abowt 6 days – wifout teh meds I dontfink eether ub us wood hab maid it owt alive! She wuz kalm (an drowzee) teh hole way. At pit stops, I took her owt ub teh kar in a kwiet safe area tu let her stritch her legs (She had a harness an leash on during pitstops). Halped SEW much!

  10. *lolspeak awf*
    Dear sodakgrrl: I did the move from Austin to the [Rio Grande] Valley of the Shadow of Death — about a 6-hour trip — with the DCs [“darn” cats, heh] 9 years ago, and again when I moved back to civilization 5 years ago; the first time, when I had the two in separate crates [both turned towards me so they could see me and I could occasionally stick a finger in to love ’em], I medicated them and they were OK. For a couple of other trips back to Central Texas, I let them ride unrestrained to see how they’d do; they used the litterbox once each and were SO happy to be free. Only time I was worried was when I had to make my own pitstop; they refused to share the litterbox, dang them.
    On the way back from exile to the Land of the Living, I crated them — no meds, but we were in my brother’s Dodge Ram truck that was about 65 feet off the ground and QUIET. I put them in the space behind the front seat — it was a crew cab but the seats were stashed — and they were either SO terrified or SO calmed by the lack of Honda noise [my now 14-yr-old Civic isn’t too well insulated] that they were practically silent for the whole trip. I offered a litterbox which they snubbed and they were not even crossing their legs when we got to Austin.
    So I’d say try a round trip of an hour or so and see how they do; if they’re too noisy, DO get meds — for your OWN sanity! (Meds for them, that is.)
    And good luck — I don’t envy you!
    (Oh, and I have never had any luck with harnesses — all of my DCs have been former members of Cirque du Soleil or something because they could ALL back out of a four-point harness. Neat trick, but not helpful when it comes to “walking” them!)

    *lolspeak awn*

  11. Sum kittehz Duz Nawt Want deh harness (I haz been owned bai summa dem)…… others (like Bud) enjoy a walk on a harness/leash. Hii haz bakked owt uv himz harness wunst wen hii wuz skeered bai a combo uv strange peepz, twu big dogz and a deisel pikkup awl reeching deh same place at deh same time! I haz a harness on order now dat shud put an end tu deh possiblity uf a repeat performance.

  12. ai so sawwy!
    i forgetted to say to get yu da rite kinda harness! when i tooked mai kittehs across da contry i nawt use da harness dat is skinny an jest looks like 2 collars,yu know? i fink i got one (er..3axually) that was home made but it looked like dis one: the broad straps hold dem across der chests and i fink is comforting to dem
    ifn i recawl coreckly we was on da road fer free days an was relatively trubble free,hardest fing was that i couldnt leeve dem alone and run into da quickie mart- eben took dem wif me to da baffroom! later i know ai fot dat i prolly cudda left’em alone for that long but ai knows ai kept finkin eben ifn dey didnt run away, sumbuddy mite take my babies! so dey went eberywher wif me-yu is gettin all kinds ob gud advises-yesh yu is!

  13. Ohai sodakgrrl. I moved from the Bay Area (Milpitas, CA) to Vancouver, WA in 1980 with 4 kittehs, not “crated”. It was a 14 hour trip for me. I got tranquilizers from the vet before leaving and it was the best thing I ever did. All were not bad travelers, but I didn’t want to take chances. I made 2 pit stops and was worried that they would try to get out. I didn’t feed them very much before I left – about 1/2 what they would normally get. By the time we arrived at our destination, they were still a wee bit groggy and nervous about the new house, but they did just fine.

  14. Ai agrees wif wut everybodies haz suggestifyed. Ai awlso once saw a wunnerful carrier – a guy had brought his kitteh to teh V-E-T’s office in it. It looked like a miniature tent, wif plenty ub room. Ai findz dat mai kittehs prefers teh soft-sided carriers rather than teh hard plastic ones. (Ub corse, if yoors tends tu try tu tear @ teh mesh sides wif dere claws, dis am nawt a gud choice!)

    Aifinkso it am important tew keep whutever type ub carrier yoo iz gonna transport dem in in teh house, wif comfy blankies & even dose fuzzy pads dey sell inside. Awlso, if dey likes catnip & treats & a favorite toy, to put some in dere. If yoo can, ai wuld put dem in teh same carrier for teh comfort dey gibs tu each other.

    Awlso, aifinkso teh idea ub covering teh carrier makes dem feel safe & snugglie. Ai even puts a big towel or thin blankie ober teh carrier when ai takes dem in & owt ub teh car.

    Best ub luck!

  15. Hi! Lolspeak off–I’m not good at it and it takes me forever to say nothing…Moving several dogs and cats in the same vehicle?? meh. Logistics will take time.

    Everyone has had good suggestions. I will add some of my experiences from way-back to recent. Talking to the vet is a good idea, but like people, cats can react differently to tranquilizers. First, some ancient history: When I was a kid, we moved from AZ to OR with a keeshond and a siamese cat. The dog loved traveling, but the cat despised it. The vet said to give the cat tranquilizers which he prescribed, but it made her very drunk and extremely talkative (it was horrible, but kinda funny). That evening, she finally slept it off. No meds after that, and she did fine the rest of the 4-day trip (before freeway). Hopefully meds are better now!
    Second, sometimes cats hate travel because they get car sick. (I had one that got violently ill.) Taking a 1 to 2 hr trip with your travel set-up as a sort of dry run before the main event would help you see if that is the problem. If so, talk to the vet and see what can be done.
    Third, the set up in the vehicle–Those small carriers are miserable and cramped–get a larger one or two that the cat can stand up in and turn around comfortably. When we moved recently with our cat across the US, we had a harness for her just for extra security when she was out of the car (she just flopped over and wouldn’t move), her (large) carrier with the door pointing to the middle of the back seat so she could see me and most of the car, blanket/cushion inside it and another on the seat, a litter box set up in the floor, and water and food (deep dishes on floor). (She usually wouldn’t eat until we were in the motel room, but having it available seemed to reassure her.) We closed her in the carrier whenever the door or window would be open, but the carrier door was open the rest of the time so she could be less constrained. We transported her in/out of the motels in the carrier, and if we left the room for a short time, she would be in the carrier so she couldn’t escape out the door. She was familiar with her carrier before we left; we left it open with blankets so she could sleep in the “cave” if she wished. She did not like traveling, but adjusted when she realized she wasn’t going to be left, and this was the routine for the next several days. The carrier became her safe spot when we reached our new home, and continues to serve as such, except for when we have just been to the vet. Important: pet friendly motels! I recommend La Quinta, and they include breakfast (one less stop).
    Be sure to talk to the animals and tell them what you are doing (we will stop in a minute, and you have to get in carriers/get leashes on so you won’t get hurt. Stay with me so we can be safe, etc). Remember you and the animals need breaks from the driving and need to stretch a bit, as already mentioned. Don’t push it too hard; all the leashing and restraining and putting in and out and potty breaks for the animals and you will take time. I hope you will have someone–even a non-driving older child–to help you with the animals during the move and help keep you alert. Good luck, take a deep breath, and be careful! Let us know how it goes.

  16. boy, ai lubs da cheezypeeps!
    lookit awl da good advice yu b gettin! ai wud only say dat when ai sayd Cat carrier, i didnt mean da little one- i meant the size that would hold 2 cats comfortably an hab enuff room for dem to stand up an moob around. we dont know wevvur yu b gibin em da backseat, or how much room dey is gonnahab ifn yu can put a litterbox an food n water bowls on da floor forem, dats beri gud- in my sperience yur cat is eivver gonna frow up awl da tyme or nawt. tranquilizers will help with that. so maybe yu shud get some frum da vet just incase.
    whateber yu decide to do, practice furst at home-
    as they^ said calm is da bestest for eberyone. an safety i would put em inna harness an hab em dat way awl da time- b sure to neber open the car door wifowt yu hab both leashes in yur hand.
    ifn dey is ok rownd peeps yu can try stoppin at da fast food playces that hab tables owtside sos dey can b wif yu outside in da fresh air -my one kitty wud go wif me onna leash and stretch out inda sun on da warm cement and let awl da liddle kidlets come and pet hur- she was da cween ! i wud hand hur a bit ob hamburger (or cheezburger!) but as long as der b da widdle ones around for pettings, she ignored da fud!
    fank yu for axin for dis advice an for gibin us de opurrtuna tee to help yu an yur kittys inna big adventure an fora chance to member sum of hour fur babbies which hab passed ovur da bridge- it warms my heart !

    • Lawn tiem agon, ai haddid mai toartee-gurrl Jessica hu wuz startin tu goa intu heet (an ai cudint has hur spaid foar anuvvur tu oar free pae-czechs). Teh v-e-t gaeb mii teh trankwillpills an sed, ‘Eevur gibs wun tu teh kitteh, oar taek tu oar free urselfs – eevur wae, dat’ll get yu froo teh nite.’ Yu gots tuns ob gud advies frum ebbreewun, speshlee abowt harnissis an leeshis, kalmniss drops an meds, etc. Dis jus mai opinyun awn “Inna craet or nawt?” Ai nawt rekkamend hassing kittehs loose inna mooving kar – sumtiems dey finking teh saefist plaes bees undur teh drivur’s feats, innurfeering wif brake peddlols – oar dey wanna sikyoorittee cuddlol oar wanna sit awn teh driever’s hed an innerfeers wif saef drieving – oar dey cud pannik an tare arownd teh kar, trine tu getting owt, an distrakt teh driever’s atennshuns frum teh rode. Inna aksidint (CC forbid, pls!) nawt-ristraind aminols can bee thrown arownd an injoord, jus liek teh nawt-inna-karseet bebbeh oar chyld, oar teh ai-nawt-warin-teh-seetbellt-Prinsess-Dyanna. Teh hard-boks pet karryur, beeg eenuff tu stand-up-turn-arownd-inn, kiips dem saef (1) frum flyin arownd teh kar wen dey nawt wants tu, (2) purrtektin dem frum enny uvver stuffs flyin arownd inna kar, an (3) frum getting owt ob the kar froo teh oapin dor oar windoe an getting lostid.

      • Dis be beri troo! Mai doggies awlways rides in teh crates, eben around town, becuz teh animlols can be seriouslee injurified in eben a “minor” aksident. (Awlsew, ai duz nawt want 90 pounds of German Shepherd landing on teh back ob mai neck in a hacksident…). Ai agrees alsew dat it gibs yoo dose few eggstraw sekkunds ob control when getting dem owt ob teh car to looks around adn make sure is safe adn grab a gud hold on teh animlol.

  17. Sodakgrrl: Ai forgetted wun bery important piece ob advice: Take several “large” containers of water from where you currently live with you for travel and at least enough for 2-3 days after you get there for ALL your animals. Why? The “new” water may not agree with them immediately. Also, if you are staying overnight somewhere, don’t feed them their “normal” amount in the morning because the travel stress may have not-so-good consequences (car sickness, etc).

  18. (lolspeek off) A good alternative to spillable water and food bowls is to get the water sippers like hamsters use and a hopper style feeder. There are several water bottles on the market that hold up to a liter of water, they have the gravity sipper straw, and they hook easily right onto the metal cage door or wall. The hopper style feeder can be found either in the kitteh section or the rodent section of the pet store. For space conservation, you can get a smaller one designed for rats and hamsters, and keep it filled with crunchy foods. You can add gushifoods during overnight stops so the ummm ODOR doesn’t permeate the whole car. I would get the large all-wire dog crate with an igloo inside instead of one with plastic on it so kitteh gets lots of airflow and can see what’s going on. I like the idea of leaving the door open for freedom of movement, but there is also a safety concern about kittehs roaming the car and possibly getting underfoot (underbrake) OR if you were to have an accident, it would be less traumatic on a kitteh’s little body if he was only rattled around in the smaller space of the cage, instead of the whole car.
    16 hour drive in 2 days is not that bad, as long as you stretch each day into about 10-12 hours, by stopping every 2 hours for at least 30 minutes each. This is good for the kittehs AND you!

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