MamaGwyn’s Condition

Dis am frum Tookat:


5 thoughts on “MamaGwyn’s Condition

  1. Has Dr. Tinypulmocat tested for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome? Is occurs after a serious injury or illness, especially viruses and lung infections.

  2. Pleez tell Mamagwyn taht tehre ar manee luvs, hugs, prayerz an beems bein scent ovar frum Hingerland frum me an teh sooperior bein ov teh howse (i.e. Tommy himsellf) adn fer herz tu gits betta wifaberrykwikness.
    {{{{Mamagwyn adn Tookat}}}}

  3. Whut Tommysmum sed!
    Mamagwyn, horsepistlols iz NOE plais fer ennybuddy sew git owdadere SOON [butt (!) nawt bee for yew iz feelin bedder].
    Luvz, hugz, adn beemz frum Tecksus
    {{{{{{Mamygwyn adn Tookat}}}}}}}}

  4. Dr. Tinycat iz on teh case! He wills mak teh gud sug jestions to teh doctor. Prayers adn beeeeeeeeeeeeeemz frum us dat yoo iz feeling better beriberiberi soon wifakwikness. We hope dat if it iz teh New Moanitis dat yoo cans return it for a refund, or ats leest an old, worn out, harmless Moanitis. {{{{{{{MamaGwyn adn Tookat}}}}}

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