Ambercat Runz Agin

Ambercat says:

Skweesum LOL!

Butt Ai is inneruptin behbeh kitteh nomtime to bring yu tihs Nouns Mint:

Ai has synd up to Teh Rayse fur Lyfe agin – The Race for Life (ritten in playn, so yu can goggle it) is a nan yule fun drayser, fur grrls onlee, fur Cancer Research UK.

Larst yeer, bai teh power ob Cheezland an teh jenny ross city ob teh Cheezpeeps Ai raysed Wun Fowsand Inglish Pownds!!! Pritty mayzin, Ai fink yule agree! Ai is hoepin to rayse teh saym amownt agin, bai doin teh saym fing agin – wolkin 10 km. Sum peeps do 5km and mennee peeps run; Ai is nawt lowd to run, or mai legs fawl off! Butt, Ai can, mostly, wolk 10km so taht is wot Ai is duin.

If yu has bin tuched bai canser, or kno sumwun hoo has – an tehre muss be preshus fyu peeps wot hasnt! – plees fink abowt sponsring me. Ai can has a fun drayse web payj:

Fankyu to awl hoo sponsord me larst yeer, an fankyu to awl hoo will sponsor me tihs yeer.

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou ad lib to fayd


12 thoughts on “Ambercat Runz Agin

  1. Ohai, Ambercat! Ai iz spon … sopns … gibbin munneez tew mai fren Lara heer in Tecksus fer teh Avon Wawkferlaif … adn, sinse Ai haz famblee in Swindon [wot uh smawl werld!!], Ai wuz wundrin iff yew can haz a Murrikin spon … sopns … gibber ov munneez frum ober heer! (Awlsew, part ov mai famblee “ober dere” got dedded from oh-vary-un cancer adn Ai wud laik tew dew sumfin in her memmree.)
    Ai awlsew sended yew a frenrekwest. Ai wanna hep yew urn MOAR dan wun fowzin pownz dis yeer!

    • speekin frum eggs spear ee unse, yesh u can! (wayt, wer hab ai heerd dat beefoar? hmm..) Diz bee berree gud fing foar cheezpeeps tew dew, awltho aifink ambercat shud proevyde pikshurs oar it dint happin… 🙂

    • jk2 is right – the sponsor site even does the curency conversion for you – donate in whatever currency makes sense to you and it will magically transform into English pounds!
      And if any of your Swindon family have school age children, ask them if they know the Bike It Lady, cos that’s me!

  2. oh yayayayayayay! Yoo go grrrlll!!!

    Wehn I can to mai credit card, I will go bisit yur site!

    Yoo provided sum inspirashun to mii, Ambercat! Dis yeer, I’z gonna do teh Race for the Cure heer in teh US. Last yeer mai bestest fren ran in it, but I wuz hazzing doctor bisits in Bawston an culdn’t bii dere. I’z nawt gonna run (mai knees wuld divorce me iffn I did!) but I’z gonna walk teh 5K.

    (psst – btw – dis yeer in June iz mai 5-yeer anniversary!)

  3. Sum monies r flying fru teh innerwebs rait nao! Mai Aunt (Unclol’s wyfe) had Breast Cancer, wun frend lost hur battlol, adn anovver frend just started treetments. Ai is finking of doing teh Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure 3 Day Walk in October, butt(!) Ai has 2 du soem seryus get-in-shape stuff nawt sekond. U has inspyred mii tu git started!!

  4. Nex paidai ai weel dish up teh dosh…mai leggz wont werk, sew ai kant du teh R4L…butt(!) ai hazza happeh taht ai kan hellp yu insted!!! Runz, AC, runz!!!! Tommy senz tailtwirlz adn hedbonks tu yu aswell!!!

  5. Nupdayt: Thanks to your generosity (ok, and some other friends, colleagues & family members!) I’m almost nearly there, £821 raised, as I type – still 6 weeks to go, til my Race, so plenty of time to put in your two penn’orth/cent’sworth/insert local currency here worth!
    So many thanks to those helping me on my way – Cheezfrendz are truly awesome!

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