MamaGwyn Kikking Buttz

Uppydate frum Tookatz:


10 thoughts on “MamaGwyn Kikking Buttz

  1. Been reading the posts about Mamagwyn,but have been too saddened by all the BIG SADS going on, the news she’s on the mend means her can of whoopass is good and her doctors are brilliant. Please continue with improvements, Mamagwyn. Sending beams and prayers your way,dear!

    • {{{{{{{Adaein3}}}}}}} Ai unnerstands toadilee. Is sew hard tu heer, offin, bowt sadsadsad stufs an tu fealing halpliss. Pls tu merembur dat ur cawmpashuns an empafees an prairs foar betturniss awl bee halping, in der oan waes. Wii jus mae nebbur noes wevvur wii bees teh wun purrsun hoos lubbing enurjee fainlee tips teh skaels ob teh Whirrld tuwords teh Peese wii awl hoeps for. Jus du wut yu can, wif wut yu gots, ware yu ar rite nao … an trust dat it’s Eenuff.

  2. Dis b eggsalad gnus!!! Dr. Tiny Cat is sew smart, and MamaGwynn is sew strawng — dis b graet combination for healifying. Keeps teh gud gnus coming; we keeps up teh beeeeeeeeeemz adn prayers!

  3. Yay for whooping ass! At least, in this case! Give her my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

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