KittyRoo adn SisterRoo Wawking Tugevver Apart to Supporting the Guud Cawses

Ohai cheezfrends!

Ai haz signinged up to walk in the Out of the Darkness Overnight in Joon to raysing munnees fur suicide prevenshun adn survivor support.  Diz am a 18-myle walk, frum dusk tu dawn in NYC.  Ai is walking in honnir of doze hoo haz fytinged the darkness,adn speshully in honnir of doze hoo succumbed adn the peepz hoo lub dem.  If u wud lyking to contribyoot, u kin clickifying heer to go mai fundraysing payje:

Anee littlol bit kin halping!

Abowt the tyme ai will finishing up mai walk in teh Eest, mai sistercat in Kalifornya will be starting tu walk the Rock-n-Roll marathon as part uv the Teem in Trayning fur hte Leukemia adn Lymphoma Society.  Ower dadcat adn gramma bof had teh lymfoma, so she will walking to honnir dem.

Hur payje am heer:

Fankees fur ur attenshun adn support!



5 thoughts on “KittyRoo adn SisterRoo Wawking Tugevver Apart to Supporting the Guud Cawses

  1. Ohai!!

    I haz a speshul interest in deh suicide prevention. Mai son, on hoom deh Nite Watchman am based, took himz own life ten yrz ago.

    Deh darkness dat peepz suffer am nawt metaphorical, it am deh reality fur deh peepz hoo haz depressions. In deh note mai son left behind, hii sed, “I cannot bear to see another day.” Deh walking owt uv darkness am so appropriate.

    It givez mii a big smile to know dat a Cheezpeep am doing this to halping utherz. {{{{{{KittyRoo}}}}}}}

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