‘Niser Writez a Book

dis came in mai emailz frum ‘Niser:

*lolspeak off*

I am looking for an illustrator and publisher for a book that I have just finished. It’s called ‘Niser’s Nine, and it’s about the amazing life of a cat who I had the priviledge of sharing 20 years with. She truly had nine lives, and this phenomenon is what the book is based on. I would appreciate any suggestions that my cheezfriends might have. Or, if a cheezpeep is an illustrator or a publisher who is interested in taking a look at the book, please get in touch with me at barbkastens@hotmail.com.

*lolspeak on*



4 thoughts on “‘Niser Writez a Book

  1. You have earned my undying respect for tackling this project, and seeing it through. I will put this out there to the forces of the universe…

  2. (LOLspeak off)
    did you know you can self-publish on Amazon? My son did this with his book. If you get art work you can even have a cover made. One of the people who got his book this way is a world famous illustrator and made a beautiful cover, just because he loved the book- for free!
    I am a computer idiot, and i dont know how you do it, but if you go to Amazon dotcom, I’m sure they’ll tell you. I know you set your own price. I think they will print it too.
    and congratulations on your accomplishment ! you’re an author! hooray!

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