Miha Am Sik

Dis sad nooz am frum ‘Niser.


Berry nawt guud noos tuday. Ai am beesyde maiseff *cheks tu see seff uhlawngsude her* wif greef. Mai Miha iz berry sikk.

Cheezfrens, hubcat an ai has had sum berry bad noos tooday. Ower Miha (16 yeeryeeryeers old) had bin drinkin coepeeus uhmawntz ob wadders teh las fyoo days, an ob korse peein coepeeus uhmawntz ob pee….sumthymes nawt in teh bocks! Soe yesserday ai tuuk hur tu teh v-e-t. Dey did teh bluud werk, an *sob* hur iz dia betic. Awf teh charttz…536 bluud shuggar, normal iz 120. So, teh v-e-t gave us teh choyse. Eezer gibs hurz teh insulin injecshun wuns uh daye, oar nawt. Hurr lyfe eggspectansee wiffout iz nyne munfs. Teh beeeeg wildcard iz….wut iz hur lyfe eggspectansee wif teh insulin? Mebbe teh sayme, ai nawt noez. Ai wantz tu du ebreefing foar mai baybee az pawsibulol. Mai eis R awl leeky nao. Nawt shur wut iz bestest foar hur. Awwwww…..
*Kollapses in kryin heep*



35 thoughts on “Miha Am Sik

  1. Diabetes is not a death sentence. My Esme was on injected insulin for a few years and probably would have been on even longer if not for an unrelated illness that took her life. She was very good about getting her shots and even patient with me when I drew blood from her ear to test her periodically.

  2. My hart brakes for yor payn. Mai sisser habs a kitteh (Bucky) hoo hab teh dyabeetus tu. Him am twelb yeersyeersyeers ode. Shii hab bin gibbing him teh daylee shots nao for almose fibe yeers an him am gud. Him alsew tayks a pill ebree dai. Shii fot him wuz dumed wenna v-e-t sed dare wuz no garinteez, butt ( ! ) dat he (teh v-e-t) had seened sum mayzeen turn-rownz wiffa insulin. Ai habs mai finners, armz an hart crossifyed fur yoo.

  3. {{{Niser}}}
    As LCB sed, iz mebbe nawt as bad as u fink. Mai SIL had big ol cat whut wuz diabetik foar a long tyme. He also died of sumfin else entirely.
    FWIW, kittehs donut seem to mind injections the same way people or dogs do. Their skin is not as sensitive to sharp pokes — it is thought to be because other kittehs have sharp teefs and clawz, so they have evolved to be less sensitive to it.
    I have been poking Morgan to give him fluids for 4 years now (over 1000 needles used!) and he and I have both gotten pretty used to it.
    It sounds like you want to at least give it a shot. (Pun fully intended. :D) Maybe insulin will nawt werk, butt (!) aifinkso if it were me, it would make me feel better at least to have tried it.

  4. Ai wud say yes yes tu insulin! It mite taeks a lit’l wile tu gits its awl regulaeted, but is werf it! Diahbeetis is nawt deth sentense. She’l feel bettur an’ start aktin’ lieks hurself in no tiem! Ai giffs yu an’ ur kitteh tunite!

  5. ‘Niser, mai aiz leek an mai hart aeks for yew and Miha. But eben tho she is sik, Miha is berree lukkee tew haz a lubing mama an papa tew caer for an abowt her.

    Wun kweschun tew ask yorself iz, eben if the lief eggspectansee is teh saem, will Miha feel better awn teh insulin? Den it miet be better tew haz teh treetment even if seh duz nawt liek.

    {{{{{‘Niser and hubcat and Miha}}}}}

  6. {{{{{{{{Niser adn famblee}}}}}}} Ai joins mai teers wif yurs adn awl teh otter lubbing cheezfrens at teh sad gnus (wii must cheer up owr gnus). Ai awlsew has a niece kitteh dat owns wun ob mai bestest friends, adn dat kitteh is diabetic. Tuk awhile to gets teh insulins regulated, but kitteh feels sew much betters! Sew ai agrees wif teh otter postifications — iz awful to fink yur bebeh has dis, but dere is treatment you can try. You can stop if turns owt nawt to be teh rite fing for your bebeh, but you adn she wills know you dids awl possible fings. Whatebber yu decides, she is lucky kitteh to habs you caring for her, adn ai am elebenty hundred percent positive she knows how much she’s lubbed adn dat you will make decisions owt of lub for her.

  7. {{{{{Nizer+Miha}}}}}}

    Mai sisteh haz a kitteh wif dia betes an himz duin okaz. Herz had enubber kitteh wif dia betes and herz passed frum odl ayg. Kittehs seemx two due wellz wif de needle fingys. Ai had wun dat had to getz saline ebery day cuz herz kedneys was borked butt (!) herz libbed five mor yeers two be 18. Sew dunt kryz, Nizer. Miha willz due alrites.

    My kittehs, Cap’n Jack, Taz, Sugar, adn Rhys (adn teh goggie, Doyle) sendz heeling beems adn headbonks to Miha.

  8. ohai – ai sawree fur yoor bad nooz.
    if yoo deesiedz to do teh insullin shawtz, chek teh priceeng fum http://www.thrivingpets.com . Ai fownd tehm to be vairee gud valyoo fur mai boy, Wheresa Kitty, wen we haddto do teh kidnee dizzeez flooidz. yoor vet jus needz to riet uh Rx.
    sendeeng beemz to yoo n yoor Miha.

  9. ohai, ‘Niser!
    ai bi holdin yur han and haz teh leekee iis alowng wif yoo. iz hard tew heer such bad noos. teh diyabeeteez iz verree treetabul, an ai hoapes iz so fur Miha. ai stans behine yoo whutebber yoo dissides, becaws ai noes yoo a gud kittehmommah. Hang in tehr, an take cumferts frum whut ottur cheezpeeps haz sed! xxx an schmooooos!

  10. Iz hard. Seenor sitizen kittehs iz hard. Mai Oliver waz 17. He had liddle strokes and sum payn. Ai had too mayke the desishun, too. It waz da rite one, but nawt eazy. Saddest thing bout kittehs. We outlib dem. I haz a sad. Ur in mai thots n prayrs 2 Ceiling Cat.

  11. Eberybuddy heer gibes gud advise!. NO LEEKIN UB TEH EIS fur tu b able tu see Miha get bedurer. Teh ebol diabeeeties iz treatable condishun adn Miha has bestest momy woh will maek korrekt decishun.

    {{{{{{Miha, Neiser, Hubcat}}}}}}}

  12. ai hassa sowwee… bin dere … u jus hassa way awl teh informashuns… sendin floofy paw n hugz ober teh watturs frum Fwanse …

  13. *pat pat pats niser on teh sholder*
    iz tuff to heer teh noos dat yoor baby has uh diseez, but dere iz a treement for it, so dat iz gud nooz. ai don’t personally noe any kittehs wif teh diabeetus, but teh udder cheezpeeps do, an it seemz dat miha haz a gud chance to lib a gud lyfe for a whilez longer. so taik a deep bref, and gib yoor miha sum cuddles and skritches. {{{niser, miha & mr. niser}}}

  14. Wee all hopeses dat tings ar naught as bad as dey seems. Manny peepz kares ’bout yoos and tings ken be pozzible.


  15. {{{{{‘Niser}}}}} Ai nawt hadda kitteh wif diabetes, but him wuz senior-citizen kitteh when we discobered he had kidney disease. Like sum uvvers haz said, him wuz on da fluid therapy fur sum years wif good results. Him crossed da bridje at 20 years, so dis process gave him about 4 egstra years ai wuld nawt have had. My thoughts are tu give da diabetes shots adn try tu regulate – iz bery werf a try.

  16. {{{{{Niser, Mr. Niser & Miha}}}}} I’b nebber hadda kitteh wif teh diyabeetis but our kitteh jus startid habbin sub-q flooid therapee fur the borked kidneez a cuppola munfs agoe. At first, wii thotso it wuld be awful fur hur, but hur settloled rite intu da rooteen ob it adn shii sits beri still adn quiet fur teh 4-5 minutes it tayks tu git teh flooids intu hur.

    Wun fing dat seems tu halp alot iz tu hab wun ob us sit rite wif hur and gib hur lawts ob lubbing werds, skritches adn rubs whyle teh needlol iz in hur…dat way, eben doh shii may bii a tinee bit uncomfortablol, shii’s still getting sumfing shii lubs tu goe wif it. Most of teh time doh, shii duzznt eben reeakt tu teh needlol at awl…she just lays tehre adn puuuurrrrrrzzzz.

    Ai sedning beems tu yu adn yur babbeh Miha
    ————>>>>>>>feel bettur Miha adn Miha’s famblee—–>>>>>>>>>

  17. {{{{{{{{{‘Niser}}}}}}}}

    Oh ‘Niser, I hope you have many more years to cuddle with your sweet Miha. I am sorry you have to deal with the diabetes and all the treatments but I think the love you give her will keep her around for a long time. It is hard knowing that a loved one is sick and not knowing when they could be gone but cherish the time you have together.

    Lots of love to you and your family (that includes Miha, you know)!

  18. Okay. Buck up, buckeroo. We have a 14-year-old cat who was diagnosed with diabetes about three years ago. Himz peed nawt inna bocks butt leeked down intew da elektrikkle panul inda basemint ($2000 munnies tew fix, *sigh*…) Dats how we found awt-da lites flikkered…alot! He was drinkin a lot. Hims feet hurt.

    You (Igentlee shakes ewe!) MUST gib da shotz. Diabedes is nawt a eazi dis-eese. Da feets adn da toes “die” wif necropathy… fink about da peeps hoo always needings da amputations…liek salami. Dis ewe do nawt want for ur bebbeh.

    We had a talk with our cat about the shots, and he has always been calm and patient. He will come over and *ask* for the shot if my husband is 15 minutes late in getting it. When my husband is out of town, he will stand patiently while I inject him. I know he feels better–he walks, plays, and even cavorts on occasion. He still bosses his little brother around. His personality has come back–he’s no longer a sick and sickly looking cat. We have a great vet who helped us get the right dose in a matter of a couple of weeks. The cat started looking/feeling better in a matter of 6-8 weeks. It was really astonishing what the insulin did for him.

    If you need some practical advice or tips, or getting over the nervousness of giving injections, let me know. I’m a diabetic, too.

  19. Mai sonz kiteh wud sit in frunt ob teh frige an me-ow when he needed hiz in soo lin. He libbed a bery looooong tyme after.

  20. {{{{{{{{Niser adn Miha}}}}}}}}
    Doughnut wurry, Niser, Miha wil b awl beddr suun — u wil doo teh bestes fing for hur aifinkso. Jess du whutebber teh v-e-t adn u deeseid tewgeddr iz teh bestes lief she kin lib fur az lawng az she kin bee kumfurtablols.
    Adn Teh Stink adn HarleyQuinn send lotsa beemz adn hugz tew u adn Miha tew.

  21. *lolspeek off* I agree with what many have said here – diabetes does not mean the end is near. I have a beautiful Maine coon, Jesse, who is now 17 years old. I adopted him about a year and a half ago and he’s been doing GREAT. His last meowmie went to heaven over two years ago. I’m pretty sure he was diagnosed at least 10 years ago. You wouldn’t even know he was a sick kitty to see him except that he has to have shots twice a day, eats diabetic food and drinks and pees a lot. 🙂

    Be of good cheer, Niser.

  22. My kitty Kitty had same thing happen, only also lost lots of weight and wouldn’t eat, too, and I thought she was all blocked up, but it was diabetes. If you go to my dashboard on ICHC you will see a feline diabetes link–they have a lot of info there. Kitty gets 2 shots every day, but not sure diabetes is under control like it should be–some days are better than others. If your kitteh eats meat, that is a very good thing. Mine didn’t, and had to learn. The very high protein foods are best, meat especially, because most kitteh food has too much cereal stuff in it that cats don’t eat naturally, and this makes them get diabetes very easily. I didn’t even know cats could get diabetes! It was very sad and scary, but she is better now, and hopefully we will have her around for many more years, and you will have your kitteh to keep you company for a long time!

  23. {{{{{{{{{{‘Niser an Miha an awl der Famblee}}}}}}}}}}
    Dis beri skairee tiem foar yu rite nao, ai noes. Awl ur Cheezfrends bee heer foar yu tu leenin awn, merembur, sew ur nawt aloan in dis!! An mennee ob us hassing faesed dis skairee fing tu, an gots teh gudgudgud fings tu shairing wif yu! Mai (nao hart) bebbeh Jessica wuz daignoast wif teh daibeetees att firteen yeers oald, an ai gibs hur the shots twais ebree dae, an she libbed tu nienteen-anna-haff, so der, dats hoepfuls, rite?? Luk — daibeetees ownlee skairee cos yu wurnt ‘spektin it an nawt noes rite nao wut tu bee duing. So, yu lurn wut tu duing (gnu skills, yaaay!!) an yu lurn moar infohs (gnu stitistiks, um, semmee-yaay, soarta!) an ur lief an Miha’s goas awn wif oanlee teh slait hikup ob gnu-rooteens. Yu kin du dis. Miha kin du dis. Crai owt ur greef an feers wen yu niids tu, dat’s helfee an lukkin afftur urself, an dat’s saef tu duing wif frends liek us. Jus merembur dat yu bees teh strawng, smarrt, caepabul an caering purrsun, an dat yu can du enneefing wut’s niidid foar sumwun yu lubs. PeeEss: Ai has sum tips awn gibbing teh shots, ifn yu’d liek dem – jus let mii noes.

  24. Fank Q ebreewun foar teh grate advyse, an foar awl yoar lubbing kynd werdz. Iz berry kumforting tu habs such supportz frum awl teh cheezfrenz! Wee habs deecydid tu trie teh shotz. Rite nao, uzzer dan teh eggsessive peein’, yu wuud nebber noez Miha iz soe sik. Hurr iz in guud spiritz an stil keepin hurz daylee rooteen. Hur lubs tu jump upp awn teh sink in mama’s bafruum an habs uh littlol drinkee owt ob teh fawcet, an stil duz dis seberal thymes uh daye wif mush grace an prowiss. Ai “spawt” hurr sinse hurr fell intu teh wayst baskitt uh cupple ob thymes befoar. Hao hyoomileeaytin!
    *Sez uh littlol prayer ob fanks foar awl teh cheezpeeps*
    Ai keeps yu poastid! An fankees soe mush, yu nawt noez wut yu awl meenz tu mee.

  25. Niser – My Josie was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2002 and crossed The Bridge in 2008! I gave her her shots 2x/day every day for 6+ years. (When I wasn’t able to, I had a group of backup helpers arranged.)

    The felinediabetes.com website is AWESOME! Read that thing like a maniac and there are lots of good, helpful, knowledgeable folks there.

    I was distraught when the vet told me that Josie was diagnosed but like LCB said, Diabetes is not a death sentence. It does take work and some rescheduling, but it can be done.

    Trust me, if I (who almost passed out the first time she got her ears pierced) could learn to give Josie shots, ANYBODY can.

    Much love to you & Miha.

  26. {{{{{{{{‘Niser, Hubby adn Miha}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} frum mee two, awl teh peepz haz gibben sutch gud advyse, predikshuns, lubs adn beems, ai’z shore Miha wil bee doin betta adn betta soon.

  27. Update awn Miha:
    Wee habs bin doin teh shotz foar fibe daze nao, 7 a.m. an 7 p.m. Yu haz tu lett dem eet uh littlol beefoar gibbing teh shotz. Asti hadd noe trubblol gettin uzed tu dis rooteen, hurr iz uh tinee gurl wif uh hyooj metta…matab…hurr iz hongree awl teh thyme. Miha iz ajustin nyslee tu. Mai neez R badd soe unforechunetlee ai haz tu pik hur upp an putt hurz awn teh cowch affer hurr haz hadda littlol bit tu eet, razzer dan goe daon tu teh floar ware hurr iz, soe Ai innerruptin hurr meel wif teh shotz. Butt (!) hur haz bin uh littlol trouper, an juss letz owt uh cupple ob annoyd meowz wen hur noez hur iz gonna gett poked. Wee wil reechek teh bluud shugger awn Toosday. Fanks foar teh kontinyood supportz, berry mush appree she ated!!!!! {{{{{cheezfrenz}}}}}

  28. {{{{{Niser+Miha}}}}} I have just dealt with this situation with Smudge, my 13 year old avatar kitty. In early February he was diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease. He was hospitalized for three days, and it was heart wrenching to see him so sick and weak. It took a few weeks to get the proper dosing, but now, with heart meds and twice-daily insulin injections, he has returned to his old self again. I only give him canned food, mostly Fancy Feast Classic flavors. No dry food or treats of any kind. I boil chicken in plain water (no salt because of his heart) then dice it and freeze it in ice cube trays. He gets a cube of chicken each day as a special treat and it is his favorite thing! He was also having problems with constipation as a result of the diabetes, and the v-e-t recommended 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of Miralax a day. It has made all the difference. I sprinkle it on the home-cooked chicken and he doesn’t even know it’s there. Each day is a gift, and when he gives me his huge purr, and precious little trills, and wants to be held, I know I’m doing the right thing. P.S. It’s true that the shots don’t seem to hurt the cat. Hugs and healing beams and best of luck to you and Miha.

    • Oh, fankees! Ai dint noez abowt teh pleh konstipayshunz. Miha haz hadd dis uh cupple ob thymes, an ai fawt it wuz teh harebawl blokijj. Ai luuked upp onlyne, an habs fownd dat uh 1/2 tsp ob budder wuns uh daye foar uh cupple ob daze seemz tu werk wunnerz az wel! Teh nawt sekkund thyme ai tryz dis, der wuz uh, wel, 😳 eggsploshun in teh bocks!

  29. wat gooood gnuze! ayhm glad dat she dozzent mynd da shotz neerlie az much az she couldhab. Miha gnowz dat u lubs hur adn datz y u shootz her. she bee feelin beddur soon!1!!!

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