HappyTayl Gnooz

Oh, guddy!!  look at dis nooz frum rhsb:


**runz in wif happitayle**

FINALEE, sum GUD noos:

I gottid emayo from teh ohai-urr lernin peeplols dat sed, “Yoo prooved dat yoo nawt has teh finansin, so wii mite gibs yoo a munny so you can has skoolin!”

Dere be lotsa “wat iffs” I iz shur, butt dis iz a step in teh rite direckshun.

Plz to be crawsin ur pawz dat dey nawt chanjify dere mindz.



16 thoughts on “HappyTayl Gnooz

  1. Yay yay yay!!! Ai hopes dey sendify yoo more dan wun munny. Dat is a fabyoolocity dat yoo is going back to skool. What is yoo goings to study?

    Congratufications on teh gudgudgud gnus!

  2. This iz indeed a MOAST wunderfull thing! Ai hoep it awl happinz just a yoo want it too – an ai am SHUR yoo will sucseed! Yoo can haz a reelle gud brayne (but nawt taystee)!!!

  3. ohai, RhSb!sucha gudnnuz fer yu! congratulayshuns!

    duz yu know bowt da CLEP ( college level examination program) tests? ifn yu want to gradu8 quickly,an wif less money, yu can take da tests and get college credit for stuff you already knoes. i did dis when i had to go wif a qwikness an get my degree, tested owt ob da furst 2 yrs ob college. dey is done by the same peeps what do de SAT tests
    da tests b much cheaper dan payin for to take a class. google em- an heers awl da fingurs am crossed for gud luk fur da Redhed !

  4. rhsb: ai iz so happy dat you finaloly gotted sum gnus about going back tu colleje. Izza good idea tu check whut Sparkysmom said bout da CLEP stuffs – helps wif financin adn shortens da time tablol ob gradumating.

  5. *crawses awl hur pawses* Ai hopez dat u gets awl the monees u needz and stuffz! *clappityclappity* Ai hopes awl teh bestest foar ur edumacayshun and awl the bestest wishess!

  6. Hooray for U! Is beri-beri ez to say “ai will go bak sum daze” and tehn life goze on an sumhow it’s nebr teh rite time. So agen, hurray for U for folowin yur dreem. U wil do grate!

  7. yay rhsb!!!
    gud for yoo!
    it tukked me 20+ yeers to finish mai BA, but it wuz werf it. not only am ai more employ-able, ai hab more respekt for maiself too! dont
    eber forget dat yoo deserb teh best for yoorself!
    gud luck on yoor education joorney! {{{rhsb}}}

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