MamaGwyn Status

nooz frum tookat:



16 thoughts on “MamaGwyn Status

  1. i haz a candle lit, an iz sending awl kinds ob beem to mamagwyn! an sum energee fur u tew!

  2. Kum AWN, Mamagwynn — git in dere adn FITE!!! Wee noes u kin doo it … git beddr suun!
    {{{{{{{{MamaGwynn adn tookat}}}}}}}}

  3. MamaGwynn!! Keep fiting! Yu can du it! We awl miss yu adn aer wayting foar yu tu kum adn plai awn ICHC!! Stoopy horse-spittles adn der stooyp Stapppppptttthhhh! Dey has tu stawp sharing it wif mai cheezfrenz! DO NAWT WANT!!

    Lots of prayers and beams rushing to MamaGwynn and Tookat!!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MamaGwynn and Tookat}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. GO! FITE! WINZ!


    *hazza pair of pom poms, butt (!) iz distrac…distrack…suddenlee sees the shinee fings*


    U kan doez it! AI’ll bee cheering fur U!

    GO! FITE….*NOMNOMNOMS Pompomz*

  5. *hands ebberwun sets of pawm pawms and calls up teh All Doggie Vuvuzela Marching Band*

    On MamaGwynne! On to Victory
    Fite adn fite adn fite!
    Awl teh Cheezpeeps stands besides yoo
    Sendings lub adn lite, lite, lite!
    Dr. TinyCat wills banish dat infection…
    Wif a healthy strawng injection…
    So fite, fite, fite MamaGwynne
    Wif Cheezland by your side!

  6. MamaGwyn, ai know u can feel lots of beems uf luv coming to u b’cause we iz sending em frum all over cheezland. Be strong and keep fiiitin cuz ur friends and fambly needs u, dear.

  7. Lotsa lubs adn beems adn prayrers frum awl ov us {{{{{{Mamagwyn adn Tookat}}}}}}
    Tommy iz dooin teh majik dansdansdansiz wiv lotsa tailtwirls tu keepsawai nastee germzis adn tu maek Mamagwyn laff, coz hims hurd dats laffter ams teh besterest medisin!!!

  8. oh, mamagwyn! Merinds me so much ub when tr0ll gotted teh sickness…but, But…BUT! Him gotted healifyed, and you can, too. Please have a peaceful heart, and HEAL!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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