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Bluesfan posted this on ICHC:

Frends, pleez tew haz ur beeeeeams on hi an ur guud thowts an prayers tew wat eber hyer power u bleev in fer hour frend KCTailkinker. Unless dere wuz a las minnit chainge uv plans shee wil bery shortlee be undergoin surgeree tew cleen owt an replaise hurr knee.

Ai am nawt a doktor (ai don’t eber play wun awn tv) butt ai kant unnerstand goin ahed wif the surgeree wen hour frend stil haz sum pleh infekshun an wuz diagnozed tew haz gnumonia las week. Ai pray awl the doktors r akshulee kommunikatin wif eech uvver an dey r awl up tew speed awn teh stait uv hurr helf.

Ai wil let u awl kno az soon az ai heer aneefing, ‘kay?


26 thoughts on “KCT Latest

  1. Wut Teh Fudgsikkels?? Wai teh big hurree?? Ai tolded hur tu be patient (yes ai kno…she iz wun.) abowt getting hur nee adn nao teh


    dokturs wanna put it in sew soon!?!? Ai nawt a doktur eider, butt(!) dat seems stoopy! If dey skrew dis up dey can has ebery fut uv ebery Cheezfren uppenderarses!!!! Be strong KCT! Yu will just has tu FITE! FITE! FITE! tu keep teh pleah infekshun frum reeching yu.

    *gibes KCT a ginormous, magiclol, shinee, glowing, koppur adn silvur broadsword (dat’s teh kind fur wimmen, yu kno! :wink:) tu fite teh infekshun*


  2. *…pulls up in fronts of KCTs surgery suite wif tractor-trailer full ob prayers adn beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz adn drops dem off. Drives away to make room for teh next Cheezpeep…comes back to sits adn hold owr KCT in deepest prayers…*

    Hangs in dere, KCT!!! Wii iz awl prayifying for yoo, adn sending owr beeemz of strenf to yoo adn beeeeeemz of wisdom to Dr. TinyCat.

  3. Ai nawt unnerstand why dey wuld du dis sirjury so soon aftur newmonia (if she haz or still haz it). Aifinkso dis whut caused problums da last time. Howsumeber, ai sends giant beams fur KCT adn sum hopes da sirjuns get sum voice boxes tu talk tu each otter adn coordinate dere plans.

  4. oH deer, Sparkyz Mom sent mii deh following last nite, but I didn’t get it postifyed. 😦 *hangz hed in shame* I iz a bad cween. 😦

    2moro (3/29) morning at 9am pacific time, 10 am mountain time, 11am central time,12 noon eastern time and 5pm TTI time, our gud fwend KCT will be habing hur ferd opurrashun on her rt knee.
    they did a knee replacement last yr, from which she never really recubbered. Then she caught da MRSA bad-bad ‘fecshun, which she is still fiting. A cupple munfs ago they went in and remoobed awl da knee hardware, in an attempt to get rid of the bad ‘fection. They have now decided she is well enuff to get the metal knee back. So 2moro dey is goin in again, cleanin it awl owt agin an replacin the knee wif a shiny knew one.
    So, 2moro at the time shown above we need to awl joyn our floofy paws 2gevver an send da happi, healin beems 2 our KC, and da carin, smart beems 2 da dockees an da wondermuss nursees what b helpin hur frew dis. also prayers for hur recubbery.
    hopin n prayin dat sumfin can finally go rite for KC !

  5. ho-kay, wee iz gonna hunker doawn an fink all kinez of positib foughts an beemz ub cheezlub an prayerz an stuffs wif KCT. we iz awl gonna halp her fru dis in spite ub any stoopy docs!
    *sitz cross-legged on flor, armz crossed, eyes skwinched in consen-trayshun* >>>>>>>+cheezlubs+beemz+prayers+>>>>>>>>

  6. Thanks so much for the update….but I agree with you….it sounds like they might be rushing things a little. Megabeams and lotsa prayers headed her way!!

  7. Ai trieds twice to reply to our Liege’s post adn say

    “Noes….you is gudgudgud Cween!! Yoo is eggstraw gudgudgud Cween!! {{{{MJ}}}}}”

    but stoopy wordpress wuddunt letify mii…

  8. *konsintraytes to send teh biggest britest BEEMS she kan in KCT’s direkshun*
    krossing paws for awl to go well for owr KCT!!!

  9. oh, no mai fantabulous Cween ! yu is da bestest cween ! wuz my fawlt cuz i didnt postify it in time. i knew i was late in sendin it, but i figured better a little late dan nebur!
    an i fanks awl do cheezypeeps for der carin, lubin harts, what helps dem send da beems- dey reely helps yeshdeydo !
    btw: der b a grupe ob usns we cawls “Carol’s Crew” (Carol b KC IRL) an we b helpin her wif cards, sugar-free candy, fleurs, etc an sumtimes munnies as needed . Ifn you b interested in joynin our little helpers grupe, pls ax our most lubly cween for my e-meow addy and send me your name irl, and yur e-meow addy wif yur cheezland handle, an we b glad to ad yu to da grupe!

  10. Ohai! Wavin awl kindsa beemz adn lovin prayerings tew {{{KCT}}}
    Ai heer dat sur-juriez on Toosdaes r speshully effecktib…Boss of CC willin…

  11. *sends all teh smartee thots I can spare (nawt much) to teh dokturs, nurses, anesfee, anisseez, Guy Hoo Handlols teh Sleepinfying Masheen, and ebrywun else for a suxesful Sir Jury and Recubbery.*

  12. I send KCT all the kurridge and patshence she may need fur recubbery … sumtimes is hard to have kurridge and patshence when yur bery tired of pain, meds, and all fings medikal.

    Beems on high, aimed at KCT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

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