Deh SirkUs am Coming!!!

kimkiwi says:

Ohai, ai kan making a nounsemint pls?

On teh April teh forth, on teh sekkond lolpictur of teh dae, teh Sirkus will be koming to Cheezland.

Yes, taht be riet. To sellybraet teh burfdaes of leezab/skwirlgirl, tessm and maeself, we iz havink a partay…

And in teh fynist tradishins of ICHC, it is teh Cirque du Flashlight (but no batteries cos tehy’s too spendy) – tihs be a Low Budget Theatre vershin of teh Cirque du Soleil.

Lots of acts, lots of fun, lots of lolling. Yew are welkum to partisipaet too, wib yore own sirkus act.

We sees yew tehre!


6 thoughts on “Deh SirkUs am Coming!!!

  1. Ai lubs tehse ebents!!! Butt(!) Ai am nawt as clebber as ovvers, sew Ai usyoolee is a spektater. Luking 4werd tu it. Adn Happytayle Burfdae tu KimKiwi, Tessm and LeezaB!!

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