Gooooooooood Gnoooooooooz!

Dis egg salad nooz am frum SunnyHuckle!!

I have been reading with much sadness of all the peeps wif teh illnesses. Would like to offer a liddul ray ub hope?

Merember, over a yearyearyear ago, my tr0ll was so sick and nawt eggspected to live? Tew weeks ago he had a brain MRI, and the fungus that was destroying himselfs brain am GONE! He is being called “CURED,” which is unusual for aspergillus. The docs warn me, it is so rare that there is no axyooal protocol for treating, but they have discontinued hims meds, will monitor brayne MRIs fur a while, but! He seems to be cured.

*happytayle dansdansdans*

Please, tew awl peeps facing teh illnesses, DONUT GIVE UP! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!!!

…and, the power of cheezpeep love is amazingly awsome!

Have a peaceful heart,


37 thoughts on “Gooooooooood Gnoooooooooz!

  1. what gr8 nooz, Sunny! is himz back to himself, purrsonality-wise? an howz yu? is yu less stressed, aihopeaihope?

  2. Ossim gnus! Will hims hed be ablol tew handel splorts dough? Shud wez be vijilint bout noes kyoot kitteh pikshers?

    • Funny yoo am arskin, win the horse-pistal nawt-sekkund wanted a biopsy ub teh braynium boogers, I had plans to SPLORT him to save teh cost ub braynium sir jury!

  3. fanx fur da gud gnoos…..menne meen prairs fur eberywun and menne meene fanx tu Ceiling Cat fur hur proteckshun…kontinood sukkess

  4. oh i am sooo happy for you and teh troll!!! best wishes for continued health!! (i know what you mean bout all the sicknesses….. it am big scary!!)


  5. Oooh, SunnyHuckle, that am gloryus noos!! Haow wundermuss!! And oh, haow naice to getting guud gnus affter awl teh worries and sads. Fankyu four sharing yur merrykle an spredding joys in Cheezland. Cheezlub rules!

  6. Yay fur tr0ll adn fur SunnyHuckle!! Habbign tew wurrie abowt a lubbed wun iz eggs awsting adn sum gud gnuz iz all waes wellkum! [Iz tr0ll ur sigg niffic ant udder, or a kitteh/goggie? Nawt taht it madderz butt (!) Ai dun wanna put mai fut in mai mouf.]
    May teh Cheezforse bee wif ebberyboddee!!

  7. Well, Hallelujah and Glory Be! Dat am some amazing news, Sunny Hunny! As ai knoes from mai neurosurgeon frend, dis am a incredible outcome ub teh TrOll’s disease.

    Fankes for sharing yoor gud gnus – we certainly needed it here in Cheezland, aifinkso!

  8. Oh Fankees Boss of CC, and fankees SunnuHuckle for sharing teh bestbestbest gnus!!! *happity happity happity dansedansedanse!!!!!*
    Ai bets yoo sleeps gud tonite!! Ai iz sew happy for both ob yoo dat teh worriment be ober — pleeze to taek eggstraw tiem nao to enjoy lief!

  9. Dat am most ossim and wunnermus nooz, Sunny! Ai hazza hyooj happee fur u adn ur troll!

    How amz himz persunality?

  10. Iz teh bestest egg slent nooz, Sunny, hoeps awl continoos tew go well adn betta adn betta…… Teh cheezpeeps be awsum indede wif teh powa ob thare gud forts adn beems.

  11. Hi SH,
    You don’t know me, but I feel I know you. I’ve recently discovered the tea room and I’ve been lurking and “catching up.” I have read your wonderful advice to others and wanted so many times to talk to you, but everyone seemed to have things handled. This is just such good news I had to come out of my corner and congratulate you. I’m so, so happy for you; I can tell you are a wonderful person, just as all Cheezpeeps are.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{Sunny and family}}}}}}}}}}}

  12. yay for yoo an yoor troll! it seemz trooly miraculus, tho ai am finking dat yoor constant and troo-bloo support ub yoor troll also had sumfing to do wif teh positib owtcome! happee thougts for continued good healf for yoo bofe! {{{sunnyhuckle & her troll}}}

  13. Oh, Sunnyhuckle & Troll – what wonderful news after all you’ve both been through! Hugs and beemz to you both!

  14. Hooray for u and The Troll! U has nawt bin hassing it ez, so is wundermus to heer uv sew much improovements!

  15. Sunny, a has such a big happy fur yu an yur charming Troll! (sotry ov mai lief – awl the gud wuns are taken.) 😉

    An a speshul fanks fur postin – we awl needs to remememember taht tehre is happy endings to sum ov our struggles wen it feels liek uphill bofe ways.

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