MamaGwyn Uppydate

By tookat on Apr 1, 2011 at 7:42 PM

Friday’s update, very late…sorry. Please pass around…dis kitty got no energy to do much. Thurday afternoon and through this morning has Gwynn showing some improvement. They were able to take her off the respirator and onto a cpap for a good space on Thurs and again this morning. they lowered the knock her out drugs so she was able to actually try and talk with Rich, and gave him a smile and a kiss! I’d say that made a pretty good birthday present for him on Thursday. The fever is mostly gone but my guides expect another one. They still have no idea what is causing her arm to swell and ordered another MRI for today. Yesterday’s MRI showed a “small shadow” at the back of her brain, so now they are calling in a neurology consult.



10 thoughts on “MamaGwyn Uppydate

  1. Menny menny beemz adn lubz fer MamaGwynn ADN tookat — hang in dere, bebbeh!
    {{{{{{{{MamaGwynn adn tookat}}}}}}}}

  2. oh MamaGwynn, hang in dere! we are all praying an hoping for teh best for yoo!
    ai send beemz ub positib energy for yoo and yoor fambly>>>>>>>+beemz+>>>>>>>
    {{{MamaGwynn & herz fambly}}}

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