Nooz frum Yakima

dis b frum Altosinger (Janey):

Hi, folks—i thought i had sent out an update but i think i hit the wrong button. I have been rather allergic to the computer of late: not even reading much. It must be spring fever…

Anyhow, Scott continues to improve. He is able to get to a standing position from sitting on the edge of the bed (as long as the bed is high enough; Scott says 95% of life is math and plumbing, and this has to do with geometry!) with a minimum of help from Richard, the PT guy. Today he stood for over 3 minutes all at once, which is a huge step from where he was when he got to Good Samaritan. His weak leg is getting more even with the good leg, and his arms and hands are much stronger as well. He is rehearsing with his quartet—they come to him, since he can’t get to them so easily. It also occurred to us that if Dial-a-Ride could come get him for a doctor’s appointment, they could also get him to church, since he can sit in a wheelchair for extended periods of time now. So Sunday, he got to go to church, and it was Communion Sunday, as well! It was a wonderful thing!

I am doing all right, all things considered; it is spring, after all, and there are times my sinuses call me some pretty nasty names, or someone in an orchard in town is spraying for bugs and i get a migraine, but things are coming along. I think part of the allergy to the computer is just plain by-products of stress–now that the biggest scare is over, i guess i need some time to recuperate. In any case, please keep the prayers going—we need all the help we get! And thank you all for the prayers that have gone up so far—they made all the difference.

GOD bless you all!
Love you lots! —janey


15 thoughts on “Nooz frum Yakima

  1. Yayz fer Scott ADN Janey! Sownz liek gud prog rez iz bein maed … jess tell Scott nawt tew get disc … dizkur … upset wif sloe-nez ov improovmintz. Lubz adn beemz frum Tecksus!

    • Thanks, sweetie! He is actually encouraged, because the recovery is now noticeable by him every day. He WAS awfully discouraged for a while, but it is getting easier and easier for him to stand up–who knows, maybe today he’ll be able to get from a sit to a stand by himself! If not today or tomorrow, then next week, for sure. And the sooner he can get himself up, the sooner he will be able to climb stairs. The sooner he can climb stairs, the sooner he can come home. And THAT will be a wonderful day, for sure—it has been 3 1/2 months since he has been home.
      Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

  2. ossum gnus, altosinger!! glad tew heer hez doin bedder. hope yu kin get sum releef frum da allergees bery soon.

  3. gud nooz! huray, huray! as we say- one baby step at a time an ebenchewally yu will get der!
    may i ask- what put him inda horspittal? was it a sickness or a acident? sumwhere along da line i missed da beginning ob awl dis- love an hedbonks to boff of yu!

    • It’s a long story, but i’ll try to give you the reader’s digest version. Scott has had back problems all his life, and on 12/22/10, his legs just quit working. He had a major lumbar fusion (which went well) the next day. He was recuperating nicely, but the problem with having lived with huge amounts of pain for so long is you don’t know when the pain is telling you to stop whatever you’re doing. He did more bending than he should, and got a tear in the spinal column (which holds both the nerves and the cerebro-spinal fluid), which started leaking, and got infected. Voila—meningitis. Very BAD meningitis. It was both bacterial and fungal. He got well enough to get transferred back to the local hospital, where they made an eror which nearly cost him his life–took a steroid-dependent person off the steroids. When i realized what was going on, i threw a fit, got him back on the prednisone, and he started to get better again. He has been in a nursing home/rehab facility since March 1, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and it isn’t an oncoming train!) at last. It has been quite the roller-coaster ride!
      Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

  4. Bestbestbest gnus!!! Wii iz beri haphaphappy for bof ob yoo! Beeeeeeemz adn prayerifications continyoo for healing wifakwikness.

  5. Ohai, Janey,

    Good news on Scott (Beems still on high)

    Now beeming harder for you and allergies and the outfall of the big (and long) scare.

    Prayers daily…

    lubs & hugs,


  6. So pleased to hear that not only is Scott doing better, but tht he knows he’s doing better. That’s so encouraging for him to keep trying. You know I’m sending beemz and prayers!

  7. Janey, wonderful news! So glad Scott can get to church, that will surely lift up his spirit and show everyone what prayers can do. I’ve got him in mine and you too. Maree

  8. fank yoo altosinger for teh updait! iz gud gud nooz dat scott am improoving! iz gud dat yoo hab a chance to stop holding yoor breaf and let yoorself recubber too; spring iz teh perfect oppor-tuna-ty to do just dat! ai keep sending positib beemz! {{{janey & scott}}}

  9. O! fanku 4 tu taieking teh ennergees 2 ritify dis uppydate! Am sew sew glad 2 heer teh noos bee gud!

    Lolspeak off/ I’m glad, too, that it looks like Scott might/will be able to be in church for Holy Week and Easter. And sing as well? Praise Jesus who rescues us from death– in more ways than one!

    Lolspeak on/ Plz 2 caereen fur urselb tu, yesh? An may u injoyink tehbootimus Springinging wivowt teh pleh allergeez!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Janey an Scott}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. Keep on trukkin, mama. Glad to know things are looking up. Spring here too, coffcoff. 2 girls home over Easter and 3rd to join us for” Memorial picnic” (have you ever heard of such?) for my brother and his wife. They didn’t want funerals and I think picnic/bbq is the only form of group gathering the boys know.

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