3KOM Speekz Up

3KittehsOwnMe posted dis comment last nite:

Thank you all for beems and good wishes. I need them more than ever…heart cath, not so good. Having bypass surgery Monday April 18th.  Please keep me in your hearts.
love and hugs,


17 thoughts on “3KOM Speekz Up

  1. OHAI 3KOM!! Ai haz 61 year old kitteh frend who had SAME THING and had triple-by-pass! Out of da horse-spittol in 4 day and croozin the malls to get him stremf back on day 6!! Wuz back to feline gudgudgud in no time!! Sendin beams and payers and CC wishes fur yu tew feel saem way and be healthified very kwickly!

  2. sawry to heer about yoor setbak…ai’m keeping yoo in mai foughts…sending beemz ub positib cheezlub to yoo

  3. Ai iz sew sorry yoo habs to hab a bypass, but ai’s glad dey caughtified teh porblem adn cans fix it so soon. We wills send yoo many beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz adn prayers for healings wifakwikness!


  4. Deer 3KOM: Mai daddehcat hadz dis saem oppurr … opurr … medikle fingy moar dan thirtee yeerz uh go adn wuz bak teechin –witch inklooded waukin tew adn frum hiz awfiss in teh snoe adn aice in uh winterree Ten Ess Ess wedder — twenny dayz aftur himz medikle fingy. He DID groe uh beerd* bikuz he sed dey had shaevd teh rest ov him, butt(!) udderwiez hee wuz jess teh saem … ownlee hiz hart wurkd beddr!
    Jess rememememembr tew dew ebberyfing taht Dr. Tinycat sez: eet rite, getz plenny of eggser … exsur … waukin adn stuf, adn REE LAKS. Yew gonna bee fien. (Wel, fienr dan Ai’m shur yew alreddy awr.)
    Luv adn beemz frum Tecksus — kepe uss poastd!
    *Doan trai dis att hoem. 🙂

  5. oh, 3kOM , my fwend who had dis, recubberred beri qwiklee, but she said to me abowt a year after da sir jury dat she had no idea howsick sh reely was. She sayed dat w/i 2 munfs ob da operayshun she was walking an goin up stairs an doin fings like parkin far away from da grocery store an da Mall, an was able to take boxes ob buks to the liberry. Her hart trubbles came on so slowly and subtlely that many ob dem she didnt eben notice when dey was happning. nawt till she was beddur, did she realize how she had limited her activity w/o being aware of it.
    I hopes dat you can recubber in full, back to yur owld seff !! an cwicklikeabunny, yesaifinkso!

  6. u r awn mai “liddlol lizt” fur prayerificashun adn beemz, beemz, beemz!11! Can you FEEL da power!11!!!!??????

  7. {{{{{{3kittehsownme}}}}}}} I pray for you to get well as soon as you can and know the bypass will be making you betterererer!

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