Ambercat Reachez Target in Race for Life

Oh mai!! luk at dis grate nooz dat landinged in mai emayoz tuday frum Ambercat!!!

Well, the power of Cheezfrenz will never cease to amaze me: I/We/YOU have taken me to my fundraising target – and there’s still a month to go before I even run (well, ok; walk) my Race!!
There’s still plenty of time for all who want to contribute to do so – let’s see how far past my target we can go! All details at
Last year I raised just over £1000, with your help – all moneys then, and now, go to Cancer Research UK. Their work is pretty amazing, but they couldn’t do it without you; so here’s what you did, by sponsoring me last year
Just think what your £1000 could do this year!
Thankyou all, so very, very much. Like the strap line says; Together we can beat cancer!

7 thoughts on “Ambercat Reachez Target in Race for Life

  1. Hip hip HOOORAY fur awl teh CHEEZPEEPS!
    Ai awlwaiz noo tehy were amongst teh finest peeple in teh hole syde Whirrrled! 😉

  2. Yay!! Yoo go girl!!! JD, Mottyl an I haz such a prowd ov yoo, an wii iz so happitayl to bii able to help!

    Survivors RULE!

    • Yay!!! CONGA RATS!!!!!!! An ditto tu teh “Survivors RULE!” komment! Not dat I iz biased at awl… just anudder survivor! 😉

  3. Habs joost bin tu donashuns payj…ai’z shoor teh eldest kidlet’s weddin won’t go far awf teh road wiv teh kontribyooshun from teh munny set aside!!! Fankew fur supportin CancerUK, ower fambly haz benefitted frum their reesurch….’nuff sed….*hedbonks adn happitayltwirls* xx

  4. Just bumping this up – My Race is in a couple of weeks but the sponsor page will stay open until July. Let’s see how far past last year’s total we can get!

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