Sociophobic Sunnyhuckle’s 2th Annual Mini-Cheezmeet

Sociophobic Sunny managed to have another mini-cheezmeet, again keeping the attendance to 3, including self.  Both Vancouvers were represented, with sunny’s dotter catzhappy coming frum Vancouver, WA, and gunnersmama coming frum Vancouver, B.C. It was held in beautiful downtown Tillamook, Orygawn. Being cheezlanders, and being in Tillamook, (home of the medium cheddar voted best in the world 3 years running!) we met at Tillamook Cheese Factory! Sunny brought her tr0ll, g-mama brawt her hubcat Steve, catz brawt sunny’s g-suns
and a good time wuz had bai awl!

We toored the cheez fakterry, and gawt to dribe the cheezmobile. We watched the making ub the cheeses, read cheezy histerry, and samploled, samploled, samploled. Those Tillamook cows are by noeing dere stuff! Hard werking, grate milk-makers. We cud smell dem awl ober town! Tehn Gunner (golden retriever) gotted a romp awn the beech.

Twosday wuz win the gurls wint to the Latimer Quilt and Textile Museum, whyle menfoke attended the Tillamook Air Museum. Lunch at Alice’s restaurant (yes, really) ware the halibut is to dye for! (but! DONUT order the blooberry pie! Shudder!)

The hie poynt ub the daze wuz win g-mama found a tiny Dr. Tinycat in a nawt-furst-hand store! We liberated him (her?) wif eggspedienssy! (ai wuz SOSOSOSO jealous!)

SO! I wuz finkinso, wye nawt haz a full blown cheezmeet at the coast fur the PDX cheezpeeps? Iz only 2 hours fum the PDX, and, well, iz so cheezy! Eben the lawndreemat in town am cawled “Liddul cheezy!” Peeps cud commyoot or camp oe hotel. Iz deep-sea fishing, cool shops and museums, and grate fud! It am only needing the cheezpeeps too be making it cheezier!

Enny cheezpeep hoo am wanting a cheezmeet at the coast, pleez tew emayo, wif dates or suggestions. I will contakt the cheezmakers an see ifn we cud git sum SWAG or sumfin! Am finkinso 1rd or 2th weekend ub June?

Pleez halp sunny obercome hur soashiofobia!♥

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20 thoughts on “Sociophobic Sunnyhuckle’s 2th Annual Mini-Cheezmeet

  1. Hao wundurfull! Maybee nexzt yeer, u kan plan tew dribe da OskarMeyer Weener-Mobile! Ebbri yeer, u kan dribe somefing sillier adn sillier! Hoo-Rae for cheezmeetz!

  2. You two are toooo cute in the cheezebus!!! (me am lying on couch whining, Iwannago-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-!) And someday I will cheezemeet the sunny, too. (will should be underlined)

  3. Wow! you went to one of mi interesting fun places to go when I was young! I’ve been there 3 or 3 times with my parents and on a field trip. I especially liked the samples…mmm…I didn’t knwo about the restaurant, but will ahve to give it a try when I am in OR next to visit my parents! Hey another cool place on the coast is the Newport Aquarium–Not as cheezy, but cool!

  4. Congaratchumalashuns on wurking on yur soashiofobia, Sunnyhuckle. Teh Whirled can bee a scaree plase, is troo, so gud for u for getting out tehre! Peeps is supporting u, aifinkso!

  5. fankies for teh pics sunnyhuckle! ai lib on teh eest coast an ai cannot swing a trip to oar-ree-gone, but ai enjoyed reeding about yoor cheezmeet! how purfect dat yoo toured a cheez faktory!!!!
    btw, wut exactly wuz yoo two doing in teh cheezmobile? it looked a lot laik yoo wuz smoking sumfing……

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