Luuky, luuky!

Dis b in mai emayoz frum rhsb:

Foar dem dat nawt b’leeb it, heer be proof dat Dini goez foar walkies.

Wen teh wevvur iz purty an iz nawt too windee (hur nawt lyk wind), wii
go oawt an egg-sploar teh nayburhuud.  Hur knoes teh wurd “out” an
“walk” so all I has to do iz menshun wun of dem werds, show hur teh
leesh an hur iz reddy to roll!


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22 thoughts on “Luuky, luuky!

  1. Oh my goodness, RHSB ! She is byootiful! An what great piks! So beri pwitty in dasunshine!
    She is ready an wants to see da whirld! Hab funfunfun wif her indaspwing time!

    • Same way with my Dar. I can put a collar and leash on him, and he’ll sit there and look at me like I’ve lost my mind. And then he flops on his side and refuses to move. Yeah.

  2. Hur am sew braybe! Nawt tu menshun stunningly boofiful tu!! SUCH a luffly cote ub menny cullerz! Lucky gurl tu hab a mama whut letz hur splore. (Gud ideeya tu kepe hur onna leesh sew teh nayborhud goggies am sayf frum hur raff!)

    • Yeah, the leash is for HER safety!

      I named her “Dini” after “Houdini” because she is an escape artist. She is only allowed to go out if she’s on the leash. People around here drive like idjits, so we walk on the sidewalk and she’s not allowed to touch the parking lot.

  3. Fanks foar teh compliments, frenz.

    Hur iz beyootimus an KNOES it! Hur iz “Dini Teh Diva”. 🙂

    I haz my floofy caliko an I hazza happitayale. 🙂

    • Dini is such a pretty kitty. That is why she likes the walkees- so that she can show off her beautifulness to the neighboring kittehs.
      One thing I know about kittehs (and only one) is that they do not believe in false modesty (My Duncan says so)

  4. That’s great, Red! My heart kitty Rumpelteazer was great on a leash, too. When we were out and about, people always said they couldn’t believe I had a cat on a leash, and I always said “I don’t walk her, she walks me”. All I’d do is take her out and follow her around. Neither of the kittehbois will have anything to do with a leash.

    • I think we taught each other.

      The day I brought her home, I bought the harness & leash. I put it on her in the car when we pulled into the parking lot, and she walked into the house that way.

      She explored the house on the leash, and then we explored the back yard.

      She’s loved going out ever since.

  5. What a beautiful kitteh! I’d love to take my Tucker for a walk but at this point of her life I think I’d have to take her for a drag. If I get any more kittehs after Tucker I think I will try that, start getting them used to it immediately. Walkies are good for everyone’s health and more fun with a friend, human or furry!

  6. Beeeeeeeyooootimus kitteh! Ai iz sew gladdified dat she lieks to get owt and eggsplore — sew much fun for bof ob yoo. Mai brudder wuns had a kitteh dat lieked to go owt for a while — he would walk away frum teh house for as long as he wanted to walk, adn den plop down. Couldn’t be bovvered wif teh walk back hoem–alreddy seen dat stuff!

  7. rhsb: “Dini da Diva” iz so bery pretty. Ai hazza jealous 🙂 Ai may just try adn see if Kidd (almost “senior age kitteh”) wuld walk wif da leash. If nawt, negst kitteh might. Fankies fur da piksures.

  8. Hur is sew byootimuss! No wunner u iz in luv wiv teh caliko kittehs.
    Uh….aifinkso u bedder keep gud hold ov teh leesh….in caes ov yoinkers. Juss saying.

  9. o red, she is teh pritty, she luks liek mai Cali! arn’t teh calicos the bestest? an naow i haz tu, wun wif long hair liek ur dini and wun wif short. mus fink bowt teh leesh idea…

  10. Oh, I would luv to snorgle that byootiful kitteh of yurs, but she’s just too purty! Wouldn’t wanna mess up that lovely cali adn wite fur. Ai will just admyre from afar. Thx fur sharing Red!

  11. ooooo! Dina am a beautimus kitteh oawt struttin her stuff!
    yoo are luckee to hab such a lubelly kitteh gurl, an she iz luckee to hab a wonderful mamma to taik her for walkies!

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