KCT in Hospital

Dis b frum Cattails:

KCT was rushed to teh horsepittle on Tuesday for emergency Sir Jury. Dr. Tinycat opened her knee and found moar yucky infectshun. He drained and kleened it owt but she may still need anudder visit to Sir Jury later in teh week, week, week. She iz still being treated for MRSA but this infectshun may be sumfin different. She haz had sebben visits to Sir Jury in teh past 2 years. I say we take away his horse,  kick Sir Jury out of the Royal Order and dubb Dr. Tinycat into teh knights who say “knee”.  We iz still hoping she will get a brand new shiny knee in a couplol munfs.

KCT am sad and lonely and wud lub to hear frum her cheezfrens. If u want to send cards, contact me for an address.  Cattails3 at yahoo dot com.

Purrs n hedbonks,



14 thoughts on “KCT in Hospital

  1. Dat blang it, KCT, tell dose nasstee bugses tew git outta tehre!! Sir Jury mite bee phun WUNCE, butt (!) sebben tiemz in tew yeerz iz abowt sicks adn a haff tew menny. Cattails, pleez tew be telling KCT taht surtin Bad Tecksus Cats adn thair mommie want hurr tew git bedder SUUN.

  2. {{{{KCT}}}} Dis beyond pleh! Strongest anti fekshun BEEEMS are hedded tu yoo an yoor nii. Speshul hedbonks to Inky an teh otter kittehs hoo must miss her sumfin orful.

  3. Hugs, prayers, adn beeeeeeeeeeeeeemz frum us. Iz sew unfair. Keep up your strenf KCT! Wii is heer for yoo.

  4. Mr. Mully en famlee sendz mennee prairs fur a full rekoveree…

    Mr. Mully’s sizzter (hooman) suffered frum MRSA sew he knoes hao seree-ess dis iz…

  5. oh noes, not anudder Sir Jury? we shall strip him ub himz tital!
    meanwhile, ai’m sending strong anti-bakterial beemz to KCT
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>no bakterias!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. All da beemz pozzible from Callyfornia headed to KCT!

  7. Ai am so sowwy tu heer ob dis !! Drtinycat needz tu get owt awl wepponz ob mass destruktifikashunz tu beet dese tinyjerms!! Ai would love tu be e-mailing KCT, ai can e-mayo yoo for deh info. {{{{KCT}}}

  8. Ai gonna be sendin a box uf happy cheer to KCT sew the germs best be on deer way…nuffin tu see here..no more…be gone germs..teh ICHC troops iz on the way!

  9. Oh my goodness – nawt annuver fing wif MRSA. Dat’s a nasty bug. Ai wish all da peeps caring fur KCT wuz wearing hazmat suits adn nawt spread dis huge nasty tu anywun or eben bring in sumfing else fur KCT to haz to fite.

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