10 thoughts on “Rhokit Home

  1. Mai hart cries for our deer fren…..I am glad she is home. Prayers for her comfort … and for all who are caring for her….we hold you in our hearts.

  2. Wii alsew prays for blessings for owr dear Rhokit…iz sew sad. Wii askifies teh Boss of CC dat dere be comfort adn peace for her in beings surrounded by dose who love her. Owr harts break.

  3. Oh, poor Rhokit. Ai am so sawry.
    But ai am glad she iz back in teh comfort ub her own home wif her snuggoler.

  4. praying fur deer Rhokit. Ai’hm glad datshe haz sew menny freinds adn lubbing fur-bebbehs to care fur hers. {{{{{{{Rhokit}}}}}}}

  5. ai’m happee dat rhokit am home wif her furbaby. ai send beemz ub positib energy for rhokit and doze hoo lub and care for her.

  6. Ai prays dat Rhokit finds peace and cumfurt in the lubs and beems uv dose woh surround her.
    {{{{{{{{{{{Rhokit and fambly}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. May Gods love and peace fill Rhokits heart, and that she know no fear. Thank God for the love of furbabies.

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