KCT Leaving Horspittal

Dis haz arrivinged in mai emayoz frum Cattails:
KCT is going back to the skilled nursing home on Tuesday. She has two different infections in her knee so the doctor took the antibiotic spacer out and she is going to keep her leg in a brace 24/7 while she continues IV antibiotic treatments. The plan is to stay in skilled nursing while she continues the antibiotic treatment and is able to get the knee replaced. She appreciates all your beems and prayers and cards. Those of you who have her address at The Forum can go back to sending notes and cards there. Need the address? Contact me at cattails3 at yahoo dot com.
Purrs ‘n hedbonks,



5 thoughts on “KCT Leaving Horspittal

  1. Cattails: At least KCT iz outta da dreaded horspistal! Ai hope fings go well fur her. Ai will be getting da addy outta my emayo box adn sending her a card or sum.

  2. ** O&P crams all her finners in her mouf and wissles loudly **

    Yay for leaving the pleh horspital! Yay for returning to the much-better Forum!

  3. Wao, O&P — Ai wich AI cud wissle laik yew! Dat wuz ah maiz zing! Adn Ai sekkund taht ee moe shun — oar Ai wud if Ai cud. YAY YAY YAY fer KCT gettin tew get oudda teh horspittal. Dose plaicez iz noe gud fer hoomins.
    Sew nao, KCT, yew jess haz tew get awl bedder FASSSSTTT. Alsew noe phun tew sit a rownd wif a braec on ur leg. Yew gots tew git up adn DANSDANSDANS!!
    Feel bedder suun, KCT — sendin beemz adn luvz frum Tecksus!

  4. Yikes! mai eerz! ai hazza impressed wif da O + P offishul happi-wissle! Dis is grate gnus wif KCT. Get dat nee beddur! Finging ob u!

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