RLS Attackz Cweenmj

I haz ack wired a severe case uv RLS.

Short version:

Due tu circumstances beyond mai control, the Cweenz Reeseption at Red Wing am cancelled.

Long version:

Ower campsite on deh island in deh Mississippi River am still flooded, and deh river am likely tu continue itz Ohai levelz fur muchly longer dan previously thot. Continued rains in deh area am NAWT halping!!!   Ifinso wii will nawt b able to move in there until mid-June at deh berry eerliest. Deh road intu deh campgrownd floodz at 9 feet.  Den wii haz tu wait fur deh grownd tu dry enuff tu hold deh 22,000 pownd motorhome wifowt sinking up tu itz axlez.

Wii am camped south uv Rochester and will b moving to Mantorville today to b closer tu mai parentz howse.

Wii did nawt haz a funeral fur Mom after hur death in January.  Instead, I b organizing a memorial get-together fur relativez and frends in June.  Dis allows peeps from across deh country tu get here wifout habbing tu fite blizzardz, etc.  After deh memorial, Dad will go wif brother Ron tu live in Florida.

Wii am working wif  brother Steve and SIL tu clear owt mai parentz house dis spring/summer.  Sorting thru 63 yrz werth uv stuff am a long term effort.  Wunst deh howse am cleared, there am still deh garage/shop and basement.


13 thoughts on “RLS Attackz Cweenmj

  1. Ohai {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Cween}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}! Ai hazza beeg sorree dat yewse ben fludded owt ov yur kampsite…*lolspeak off* When I watch the US news each morning, I wonder how many teepeeps are affected by the flooding. Mother nature is surely giving us what-for for all our extravagances! Now here in the UK, it barely rained at all in April…a bit like Texas over there, aifinkso.

    Sorry about your Mom passing in January…I went thru that in 2005, ws lucky to make it back to Cleveland for the funeral because of so much snow thruout the northeast. And the house clearing is such a big and heart-wrenching job…my thoughts are with you.

    Ohai, Muvver Nacher, pleez tu stawp teh raynin stuffs on teh peeps inna Mississippippippi River area ADN itz trib…tubut…liddol rivvers. Adn moove it daon tu Tekkxus wear itz reely reely needed!

    Oh, adn keepz awl our teaplols and cheezpeeps safe. Fangu.

    My purrs are wiv yu {{{{{{{{cween}}}}}}}}.

  2. Ohai mi liege. I empatiz wit u on cleaning out th3 house. Member doing that with my parents’ house. We had some good times with memories that stuff brought to mind, some jokes when we found things we had no idea what they were or why they were kept and some sad times which we shared together. I hope you can have the same experience it is healthy. Hoping yous campground dries out fastfastfast and you can restrestrest and take more wondermus pictures. Happytayle blessings. Maree

  3. Ohai mai cween,

    Ai iz sawree tu heerz abowt teh cheezmeet butt (!) ai bee berry unnerstandin ob yoar sichu ayshunz. Mai papacat past in Janyooairy ob 2010, affer spendin uh munf in teh horsepittlol an sufferin menny strokz. Wee moobed mai mamacat owt ob teh howse teh priyor Decemburr sins hurr wuz nawt ablol tu stay der bai hurseff. Denn kaym teh lawng prahsess ob kleenin owt teh hawse, reefur….repher….fixin it upp an gettin it awn teh markett. Datt tuuk til Joon. Teh hawse juss soldid dis weekweekweek (yay!). Soe ai getz wut yu iz goin fru an wil bee sending teh bestest ob beemz yoar waye az yu mayke dis tranzishun.
    {{{{{Mai Liege}}}}}
    Wee wil plan foar teh nuther cheezmeet inna fyoocher, kay? Schmoooooz!!!!!!

    • ohai, “niser! ai bi waitin tew congratshooslayts yoo on yur buk, but if wi nawt get tewgeddur tihs summer, ai bettur sai hao prowd ai iz ob yoo rite nao!

  4. Ohai mai leeje! Stay ohai and drai. Wii sympathizes over teh house clearings owt — dat wills nawt be a pleasant job in mai future when it happens… Awl best to yoo adn ai hopes yoo gets to do sum campifying berri soon!

  5. Ohai {{MJ}}. You’ve got your work cut out for you by the looks of it. We’ve been watching the Mississippi River floods on our TV news nightly and know how that is going to put so many people at risk and damage homes, towns and roads where it floods. I hope the memorial for your mother goes well and helps everyone who misses her. Stay dry till then. -PB

  6. Mai deerest kween,
    You maded me be intresd in ware Red Wing iz, so I googled it. Ai had no idear that yu were so faar north, in Mini-Soda eben. Iz da Missy-Sloppy flooded all teh way up der? WOW! Ai hope dat tou find peese as yu sort thru a lifetyme of memries.

  7. I feel for you with your task — we did that many years ago for my grandparents, and I am not looking forward to doing it for my parents! We try to get rid of our “collection” of junk periodically and encourage my parents, too, but my dad likes to keep everything. It might be useful someday! I fight that in myself, also. After all, it might be useful, and so I’d better keep it….(shakes herself) Noooooo!

  8. ohai, mai leej! ai bii berree unhaapppee abowt teh sekkund annyooul cween’s resepshun! but ai nos hao teh fluddin iz on teh mitee mississip, an unnerstans. ai haz teh boohoos enneehao.
    mai parunts bin downsizin fur mennee yeers, an is a hard jawb. furst tehy cleered owt when tehy moved to NC. Then tehy cleered owt moar when tehy left NC an came bakk tew MN. Tehn tehy iz cleerin owt storaj unit, an wii tryin tew cleer owt nise close mai mumcat has but nawt ware, an doo to hur deemenshia, she keep buyin moar close an moar close, an dadcat nawt stawp hur. mai mumcat bizzee gibbin awai stuff befoar shi goes an depressin ebbreewun in eershot.
    ai feels for yoo, ai hoaps yur mumcat memoryal goes okay, an mai beems tew yoo an yur famblee.

  9. Ohai, cweenmj! Sawree to heer Muther Nachoor am habbing her wai wif yu adn eberywun along da Mitee Missy Sip. Yu ar smart tu avoid sinkin up tu yor aksels in teh mud. Bestest ob gud thots comink yor wai for sortin frew yor Mom’s stuffs. Ai habs been frew it wif mai own Mom adn wif mom-in-law. Tears, laughter, memories – stay well rested, as it can be emotionally exhausting. Ai hoaps fings settle down so yu can habs a nise summer. {{{cweenmj}}}

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