KimKiwi’z Cancer

Dis horrendously sad emayo am frum Tessm:

Dear Cheezfrenz,

I have been asked to pass on an update about KimKiwi (Kim Stewart), our funny and clever cheezfren in New Zealand, and the prognosis in her fight against advanced cancer. I can’t say how sad I am to have to report that the news is not very good.

For those who don’t know the history, she had breast cancer about 6 years ago now I think; she was treated and had actually passed her 5-year “cured” mark, when it came back last year. She now has metastatic breast cancer tumors in the lung, brain, liver and abdomen.

As of yesterday, she has started a new chemo regimen. If the chemo works, the prognosis is a life expectancy of three to six months. If it does not work, that time would be reduced to one or two months.

She is being looked after by her friend Marco, who said she will be leaving the hospital tomorrow, although there is some question about where she will be going. She does not want to stay at her house; her parents live too far away, where Kim’s friends would not be able to see her. She may be going into a nursing home, but right now it is just not clear. So the best way to contact her is probably electronically. Marco said she should be back online soon.

Marco also said:

“She would also like to ask you a especial favour. She would love to read what she represents for you, how you and her met, funny anecdotes together, etc. This could be done in the form of greeting cards, or if you prefer, you can send me emails and I will take them together for her to read, laugh and remember. This is something she is really looking forward to.”

I have written to Marco to ask for details on the best contact addys to use, and will post them when I know them.


19 thoughts on “KimKiwi’z Cancer

  1. OMCC – ai nawt knowing whut tu say eggsept ai iz so sad. Ai knew she had nawt been at ICHC fur a while, but nawt know whut happened (ai haz nawt read ebery single comment so may haz missed hur).

  2. sew sadds…she is a spirritid, sweet, funny as can be, wonderful woman….pls send her my love and support!

  3. Thank you MJ, for the forum, and thank you TessM for the news, however tragic and heart wrenching that it is. Kim is a beautiful spirit and I’m glad our paths have intersected.

  4. Oh noez… sweet Kim… Mai eyes are leaking… a lot…

    Can we get an address to send a card?

    *goes to find box of tissues*

  5. i am so sad to hear this. prayers for strength and comfort and healing (of the heart and spirit, if not of the body) for kim and those who love her.

  6. ai berree berree sad tew heer tihs. ai glad cheezpeeps lettus no. kim berree speshul. ai trai tew fine owt hao ii meetid hur, an ai nawt eebin hab hur in mai frens! hao weerd is taht?
    shii makke mi laff muchly.

  7. Just a few months ago , in February, Kim took part in her local Relay for Life, taking the “survivor’s” leg whilst actually undergoing treatment for the new lesions. She was very proud to be a part of it and her team raised some NZ$4,500 for the Cancer Society
    I’ve just checked and it looks like her sponsor page is closed but if donating to a charity that is clearly close to Kim’s heart and relevant to her interests sounds about right to you then please look into donating to your local cancer charity – time or money, both are equally valid. All the various cancer research organisations share their findings so giving in one country is of benefit to all people affected by cancer, all over the world.

  8. Mai aiey ar leeking so baclee ai can hardlee rite at awl.
    This is terribly sad news. And yes – thank you cweenmj and Tessm for letting us all know.
    I was so very much hoping, as I know EVERYONE was, for much better news than this.
    Ruth has a very good idea. I keep hoping that all my beloved friends with cancer will somehow manage to hang on until cures are found. They always seem to be so close. . . that to lose someone now is more than heartbreaking.
    But for now, let us all do as Kim wishes, and shower her with love and letters so that she truly knows, as surely she must know already, how very dear she is to us all.

  9. I suppose with such a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life, it is to be expected to hear this sad kind of news on occasion….but I just feel like us cheezied have been dealt more than our fair share of sadness in the last couple of years.
    I adore our KimKiwi….and look forward to telling her how I feel about her impace on my life. Prayers and beams of love to her, Marcus, and her family.
    ….I’m gonna go cry now for a while….

  10. ai’m sending beemz ub peece an joi to kimkiwi an her frends an fambly soes dey can enjoi ebery sekkond dat dey can wif eech udders
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>peece an joi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    *bows hed*

  11. I never got to eggstend my floofee paw uv frenship to KimKiwi but I am so sorry to hear this news. I hope she proves the doctors wrong and lives a lot longer that expected. No matter what happens, I hope she lives her life to its fullest and does all the things she’s wanted to do and never took the time to do. Lots of love to you, KimKiwi! My best wishes and beams of comfort are taking the fastest air current over to New Zealand to you!


  12. To KimKiwi — prayers and beemz for an easy time [if that’s possible] with the new round of chemo, and lots of wishes for as many good times as can be had in this unhappy period. I’m sorry I never got to know KK, but we’re all fambly here, so hugs and blessings.
    {{{{{{{{KimKiwi and fambly and Marco}}}}}}}}

  13. Kimikiwi, U an ai am nawt onna R “friend” lists but ai sendz U heer mai prayerz fer U. )))hugz((( frum Fwanse.

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