Another article of footwear has obeyed the law of gravity

dis b frum Altosinger bowt hur huzbin, Scott:

We finally got to the urologist yesterday; for those who don’t know, Scott had a bout with bladder cancer in 2010. Surgery and chemo, and after that things looked pretty good. Right now, however, we are not doing as well as we hoped. Scott has three new tumors and needs to go in for surgery to have them dealt with. As you may imagine, he was pretty upset. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated—both for physical healing and emotional and spiritual condition.

I am doing all right–even if i did dream about climbing mountains all night and woke up with a sore calf! GOD is still in control, and we are looking to Him for our peace and our joy. Thank you all—Scott is continuing to improve physically other than the bladder thing, and we are enjoying how well he is doing. All your prayers help! GOD bless you all exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think!
In Christ—
Love you all—janey


19 thoughts on “Another article of footwear has obeyed the law of gravity

  1. *SIGH* I think you need to keep those footwears in the closet where they belong, Janey! And nail them to the floor if you have to.
    Well, if you were dreaming of climbing mountains, maybe you heard the Mother Superior say, “When God closes a door, He opens a window …” Maybe the latest surgery will bring you and Scott some new friends — and LOTS of PERMANENT healing.
    Hugs, prayers, and beemz frum Tecksus from me and the DCs [“darn” cats :)]

    • Bucket theory?
      And my apologies for all the answers i haven’t given for all in need of prayer–the home computer won’t let me answer. Kicks me off every time. I think it has something to do with it running Windows 98..anyway, i have been praying, even if i haven’t been typing. (I’m at Good Sam using the lappytop at the moment.) Thank you all for your help! The prayers go a LONG way.
      All my love—janey (altosinger)

      • bucket theory – basically, keeping a balance between overflowing and empty, so that you too can maintain a peace and harmony in your own well being…lotsa luv and prayers to you and Scott, the invincible man. 😀

      • Aha! Okay…that means i have to give as well as receive! And my smart-alecky mind said, “Invincible is fine–as long as he’s not inVISible!” Sorry about that, chief.

  2. I’ll just ad my voice here in hoping all will go better soon. Cancer seems to be a very tough thing to beat these days, but it can and has been done! Keeping your spirits up when things aren’t going as well as hoped must be terribly hard to do.
    So here are lots of hugs and VERY POSITIVE THOUGHTS beaming along your way! I hope it helps a little!
    {{{{{{{Janey}}}}}}} {{{{{{{Scott}}}}}}

  3. We are sending beems, prayers and positive thoughts from over the pond – I agree with Janet, it’s amazing what can be done nowadays. In the meantime, you are both in our thoughts….and at the moment that’s not just from me and Tommy the Cat, but also my eldest daughter’s four kitties, Thunder (“Thumbs” to her friends…because she has them!!), Pugsey, Treva-Belle and Chowda
    {{{{{{{{{{{Janey and Scott}}}}}}}}}} xxxxx

  4. Oh Janey, I’m so sorry for the recurrance. But amazing things happen every day. My princess’s cancer returned, we treated again, and she is now 3 years cancer free (that’s 21 human years!). So never ever ever give up hope and know that we are praying for you both, for healing, peace, and some smooth sailing for awhile.

    • Thanks, sweetie! I haven’t been on the lappytop for a while, so i haven’t been able to answer. They haven’t set a date for the surgery yet–we have a problem that Dial-a Ride doesn’t start picking folks up till 8 AM, and the 1st surgery of the day is at 7:30 –which means you have to be there by FIVE 30…well, LORD, thank You for the fleas!
      Love you lotses! –janey (altosinger)

  5. Oh noes !! That bloody footwear has done it’s share of dropping!!!
    My Dear Janey and Scott, I am thinking of you…and I offer up prayers for strength and Grace and Love for you both.

  6. az a wize co-irker yoosed to say to me “iffen itz not yoor a$$, itz yoor elbo..” ai’m sending beemz ub cheezlub an prayer yoor way….
    {{{janey & scott}}}
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>cheezlub & prayer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. iz keepin u in mi fawts. Gud luk to u an beleef dat ebbryfing iz gunna be awwrite, laik fer teh sparrers in teh fieldz, Himz watchin ober U bofe.

  8. Thanks to ALL of you. I am so glad to have such backing—it helps both of us so much!

    Love you all bunches! —janey (altosinger)

  9. ai has a sowwy ai has nawt sed annyfings befurr….it seemd lyke all i had tew say wuz awlready bein sed. Fings WILL get bettur….ai habs libbin proof frum mai own liddle Mikey Miracle. He will b watched obber by us and all our friends obber the Rainbow bridge. Dey will snuggle up tew hims wif their warmf and dere cumfortin foughts will surround yew both wen u needs it mostlees.

    Zel xx

  10. This is a nupdayte–
    Scott’s surgery is set for 8:30 PDT Monday, June 6th. Doc says he is going to zap it–i guess “zap” is a technical term. That sounds less difficult than using a scalpel–at least to me! Thanks to all for all the thoughts and prayers–do keep them up.

    Scott came by to try the stairs into the apartment Friday, and did okay till he got to the place where there was only one handrail. The manager will put the other one on the building, and then Scott should be able to come home. He continues to strengthen, and his concentration has improved to the point where he is doing crossword and jigsaw puzzles! He has come a VERY long way from living in the “alternate universe”, an d i am so grateful for all the prayers that helped him along the way. GOD bless you all, and thank you!
    Love you all lotses! —janey

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