Prayerz adn Beemz Needed

Dis caminged in mai emayoz tuday frum  Villow:

Ohai ebbrybuddy,

Ai comez askin fer prayerz fer meh friends dat needz demz, pweeze.

Mi berry gud cheezfrenz Jack (blackbellied_jack) an hiz dottur Pixie (highlands_pixie) losted 5 cousinz in dem awful tornadoes dat wen froo teh Sowth at the end ov last munf an has awlso oddur family dat hadz big damagiz. If U awl culd pweeze hab a fawt fer demz dat wud be berry mush appreesheeatid, ifinkso. Awlso dere is still menny, menny peeps inna states dat wur hit but speshullee in Alabama, dat still has no homez, no ‘lektricitee, needz clothin an suchlike etc and dems needs ur prayerz too. An donashuns to teh Salvashun Army or the Red Cross wud help demz muchlee as well.

Awlso anuddeur ov mi berry gud cheezfrenz, Lyn (beerfairy) seed her mama Reo go back to hawspittul urgentlee todai – Reo had surgeree las munf fer a bwane toomer and awlso hassa bad cancer, an dere is tawlk bout “hospice”. Pweeze if U cudz send prayers ov courage an stwengf fer Lyn & Reo, demz wud helpz muchlee.
Fank U awl, Uz de bestes, bwess U!

33 thoughts on “Prayerz adn Beemz Needed

  1. Oh mai, ob korse Ai wil sendz teh beemz an guud fawtz foar doze les forchunate. Mai CC, mai eis R awl leekee beekawse ob teh misforchune ob deez peeps. Ai nat noez yu, Villow, butt (!) gawd speed mai cheezfren, gawd speed.
    *Bowz hurz hedd inna sawlumb prayer tu teh cheezgawdz foar helf*
    Deer gawd, pleez helf deeze peeps. Tayke sum ob mai guud forchune an gibs it tu dem dat iz soe in needs ob it nao. Anom!

  2. Oh Willow of the Big Heart – this is very sad. I am indeed sending all the good thoughts I can muster to help them get through such terrible times.

    And for Lyn and Reo. Hospice care, in my experience, is quite wonderful, but also so very sad. One hardly knows where to start . . . except to join Niser above that they be given the strength and courage needed to get through this. {{{{{{{Lyn&Reo}}}}}}

  3. Menny menny fankx tu U fer ur gud fawts an prayrz fer mi fwienz. Heerz sum photos frum yesturdai from Pixie’s lolcloset. Iz terrifyin an berry painful tu seez awl dis ditrukshun.
    ((((hugz U awl))))
    ~ Villow

  4. mennee,mennee praiers adn beemz beein sentz..Mr.Mully’s famlee (kouzins) libs in Tusk-a-loos-a sew weez knoes ob da horrubul sitchuation.
    Will kontinue tu pray fur eberywun adn dere famlees.

  5. ai send beemz ub comfort an peece to all teh peeps hoo wuz affekted by teh tornadoez an to beerfairy an her mommma
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>comfort an peece>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    an hugz for yoo villow, to keep yoo strong for dem!

  6. We awl readin bout dis in teh Nu Yawk adn sendin teh beems and prayers to teh peeps adn belurved animules cawt in tis terrobol deystrukshun! {{{{{{{{{ BEEMS}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. Highest beeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz adn prayers frum us tew. Dese bof berri sad sichuashuns, adn owr harts are wif all dose in sorrow adn trubbles.

  8. Beemz adn prayerz adn luv frum Tecksus — Ai has frenz in Huntzvil adn udder plases in Wallybammy hoo r OK [fankees, Ceiling Cat!], butt (!) az preechurz dey has lotsa peeps hoo need halp. Ai is gonna donut tew teh Red Cross as suun as Ai noe eggzaklee whut cowntee mai frenz liv in.
    {{{{{{{{Jack adn Pixie}}}}}}}}
    {{{{{{{{Lyn adn Reo}}}}}}}}
    {{{{{{{{Villow adn fambly adn frenz}}}}}}}}

  9. So very sorry about the terrible losses in Alabama, Kentucky and my fambly’s beloved Tennessee! Just days before, we in St. Louis saw some flattened neighborhoods and a very messed up airport, but were spared any loss of life. I, too, encourage donations to recognized charities [there are plenty we HAVE heard of to NAWT risk giving to cold callers; there was some low-life scamming going on here, that led to warnings on the news] as the cween and Villow suggest. I’ve always noticed that every disaster, we hear most charities urging donors to give plain ole cash (or, as in our case, to showing up w/ a pair of work gloves, tarps and a willing back.) But only yesterday, I read this article and now I really see the light! I used to think that distribution and the season of the clothing was the main problem; but it’s also folks who think “shirley someone can find a use for this…” Well, the answer to that seems to be, “No, I can’t. And, ob coarse, don’t call me, Shirley!”:

  10. Heeey U haz teh famblee in TN? ai groo up dere but has bin libbin in Fwans fer a lawng lawng tyme nao. Ai is berry happee ebbryfing iz gud yer way! Fankyooo muchleeeeee fer teh guuuuud artikle, dat iz awlso wut demz sayz on the Salvashun Armee site, tu. Iz beddur gibz teh monees, dat wai itz can bee awlo… allokay… spended on wuts needid most urgentlee. Aiz wiring mi las munfz obertime direklee tomorrer!

    • Sorry, Villow, I see now how I put that confoosingly! I have family in GA (Athens), transplanted from IA (Grinnell). But I meant to say that TN is beloved muchly by my fambly, but not that is is “our” Tennessee, per se, birthwise. When my kidlets were still kidlets, we ‘d loved to go to Tennessee for summer vacation. My ex-hubcat was a hyooge Civil War buff, so he liked to drive to battle sites –even in northern Missouri there’s one we would visit on shorter trips to see my then-Iowa kinfolk and his Wisc. folks. But mostly, we’d head south. On the first of those trips, we discovered Tennessee’s beautimous state parks, esp. Pickett and Cumberland Mountain, and always tried to get a cabin there after that [they booked up a yr in advance b/c they used to be so affordable, before all the states’ economies hit the fan.] That would be our “home-base” while we explorified wondermuss places like Falls Creek , Roan Mountain, the Smokies, the Ocoee River and LooklooklookOut Mtn. [so sad to see the damage in Chattanooga.] I miss those trips, but can’t afford the gas, the car’s too old & small and the skedjewels won’t mesh. When you say you live in Fwans, do you mean the one in Yoor-up?! I spent a year in Paris getting my MA in Fronsch! And I lived in a teeny, tiny town in the Loire Valley when I was a teeny-tiny kidlet!

      • lol! well eennyhoo you can say you were sort of ” adopted” Tennesseeans, cause you loved it so much. I did used to have some second cousins (oh these suddurn pedigreez) in ‘Lanta but they are long gone now. Your talking bout all those beautimus TN places gibz meh a homesick for teh Sowf! It sure was sad to see how Chattanooga was torn up as well, I went to university in Knoxville and knew Chattanooga right well. Yup, I’ve been here in la belle France (*mais oui!* the wun in Yoor-up, in Lorraine more exactly, right on the German border on hour north of Strasburg) for 32 years now. Ah Paris… but it is not what it used to be, Paris by night becomes very dangerous “after midnight”, I prefer Rome or Prague now, muuuuuch safer! But still go to Paris to haunt St Denis and all the little cobbly *ruelles* around it. Not to mention the Jardin des Plantes! So you have a MA in French, do you teach it? I teach English and French as a foreign language (sometimes as a foreign language even to the French, sigh) and Lorraine History. And you lived in the Loire Valley! I had a friend there who was a wine grower – made superlative Pouilly Fumé – alas he was killed in a light plane accident three years ago, so the wine world is bereft of the wonderful Silex Wines. Well, I ramble along here and must be getting some work done before bed… nice meeting you!

  11. Menneh, menneh beems fliing acraws from Yu-rup to awl tohse in nede ov komfurt after tihs terribul distrukshun, adn ispeshaly to Villow’s frenz.
    Hugs too fur Lyn adn Reo, wishin tehm strenff to get froo tihs.

  12. Ohai Villow — pleeze to eggskyooz dis off-tawpic comment, but yoo habs lubbly lubbly doggies in yur picture. Wii can knows moar abowt dem?

    • 🙂 no worries! ai wil maik a speshul post wif demz in teh coming dayz! butt(!) in dis pikshur is meh Villow (dat haz gibbd hur nayme tu mi profile) onna left an hur sistur Vltava.

  13. Many, many prayers, Villow, dear! For friends, family, and all who have been through this terribly difficult time, and for your heart, as well. GOD bless you, dear one!
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  14. 😦 so sad an terrible. prayers for thoze affected by dis terrible tragedy, an for owr cheezfrends an fambly members affected by teh pleh ebil cancer.

  15. Deer Cheezfrenz, mai thorts & prayerz are wif awl affecktid by teh tornadoes. Mai thorts tu those especially who hav lost loved ones remembering Jack & Pixie. Ai am awlso finking of Lyn & Reo an awl those who hav tu fayce pleh cancer. *Sending many, many prayerz & lubbing, healing beams from Australia*.

    {{{{{{{{{Awl Cheezfrenz}}}}}}}}}

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