Joe Wearz deh Cone awf Shaym

Dis b frum catena:

Ohai, cheezpeeps!  Ai wud appreshe-ate sum beemz fur mai Joe kitteh.  He gotz himz tale kowt in eh klosen dore, adn nauw must where teh kone awf shaym fur seben daez wile we hoyp dat it heelz awp gud soez he duzznt looz enne awf it!  Himz has such eh neis lawng sleek tale.  Teh vet sez it lukz gud, butt(!) ai will has teh nervuz until himz awl beddah.
pee ess – ai but teh pikshur awn teh faisbuk.


17 thoughts on “Joe Wearz deh Cone awf Shaym

  1. I will say a prayer for Joe kitteh’s long sleek tail. May it remain long and sleek and attashed to him’s cute butt end!!!

  2. Hao hoomiliatin…pour Joe. Ai hoap hez a sleekitty again berri soon.
    Treets >>>Joe<<<Treets adn patpatpat

  3. Awwww, porpor Joe! Wich is wurser – teh pane ob teh tayle or teh shaym ob teh cone? Well, wichebber it is, mai kittehs adn ai sends yu purrs adn hoaps for a speedee recubbery. May yor tayl (awl ob it!) be a part ob yu for awl yor days. P.S. Steer cleer ob teh dore, yung man!

  4. OHAI!! Teh kone uf shaym is teh worstest!! Sendin beemz uf attatshment tu keep teh tail and teh butt attatshed!

  5. Joez tale mus be starten tu itsch (diz iz eh gud tink, aifinkso?), kuz he wont lebe it a loan. Soe, teh kolah oshaym mus stae awn egg sept wen he eetz. Adn Lincoln kepez wanten tu lik Joez tale, tu, soe ai kent lebe dem togeddah.
    Diz be eh lawng weak fur mom, aifinkso…

  6. oooh, ai hopez dat himz tayle will be awrite berry soon (an dat ur weekend iz nawt too compwikatid!) menny beemz fur heelin so dat Joez tayle can swishy-swish agin in awl itz sleekee longniss!

  7. oh noes!
    ai’m sending heeling beemz to joe’s tail to get bedder wifakwikness!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>get bedder get bedder get bedder>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. O such a sad tail (or tale). Poor kitteh. Beeemitybeeemitybeeeeeeeemz frum us for healifications wifakwikness adn dat hims tail be waving prowdly beriberi soon! Darn dose pesky kloset doors — mai grrrl had her snout buried in wun teh otter day when ai started to closify it!

  9. Beemzbeemzadnmoarbeemz frum mee adn teh Tommy kitteh – teh kone ov shaem bee a berry teriblol fing inddeeeds. Long may hims tayl bee (adn staiy!) longs!!! Patpatpatnhedbonks tu Joe adn {{{{{catena}}}}}

  10. Ohai Catena, heer kum mega-beems from Fronschland to yu adn Joe, hoaping teh byootimus tayle kan be saved, adn he kan bear wiv fortityood teh kone ov shaem.
    If teh wurst komes to teh worst do nawt dispare, mai Auzzie borked her tayle adn teh V E T had to ampyootate it, butt seh woz fyne wivvowt it, adn had her own sir-tain charm, adn we fort she luuked grate wivowt it!
    {{{{{{{{Catena and Joe}}}}}}}

  11. AND heer come sum JOE beeems from teh TTI, ware ai am nao! 😉
    Ai hope hiz tayle will awlwaiz remayne teh thing ov byootee that yoo luv so much!
    {{{{{{{Jod}}}}}}} {{{{{{{Joe’sTayle}}}}}} {{{{{{Catena}}}}}}

  12. If your Joe kitteh has to wear it for a long time, as my Bobooty had to for a torn ear, and he’s giving you a hard time replacing it after he eats hims dinners, try cutting a half moon just deep enough for his chin to reach the bowl for his comfort and when he’s done rotate his kone uv shayme so it’ll still serve the porpoise. And dont forget to wub his long luxurious neck, him will lub you long, long time! Bobooty’s vet wanted it pretty snug so whatever way I turned it , it pretty much stayed put. Bobooty’s a manx, by the way! ( A Bob on his booty) It’s OK not to have a tayle, genetically or not.

  13. Tanx fur awl teh beemz! Teh weke iz awp; Joe iz releesd frum teh koyn awf shaym, adn himz tale iz luken gud!

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