Reo Update

Dis b frum Villow about Beerfairy’s mama:


18 thoughts on “Reo Update

  1. Loving beams and prayers. Our son, C-5 quad has infection in bone and ischium tissue, we began massive i.v. antibiotics and wound vac system week ago. Prayers and healing beams are with you, Lyn and Reo. Prayers that this, too shall pass for you as we pray for our boy. Miracles do happen, ifinkso.

    Kevin’s mom

  2. Hugz, prayerz adn beems frum me adn Tommy fur all ower Cheezfrends…ai thort ai wuz badd wen ai fell dawn teh stayrs teh day bifor number wun kidlet’s weddin…butt(!) mai problums ar nuffin compared tu teh wunz ai heer on tihs fowrum. It mayks mee havva sad fur mai Cheezfrends. Pleez, pleez know taht yu ar awl in owr thorts {{{{{{{{{{Cheezfrendz awl over teh wurld}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Dear all,

    I’m sad to say that Reo passed away at 8.OO PM CST on May 20th.

    (am crying too hard to say more.)

  4. May the angels lead her to paradise. Rest in peace Reo. Prayers for peace for all her family and friends. Wii iz sew sorry.

  5. Such sad news.
    May all her family and friends find comfort to help them through the coming months and may Reo find eternal peace.

  6. Hugs an beems to you and yur famblee. ai haz a boohoo an will miss reo. ai hoap shi chek in tew teh grammas cottaj neer teh prinsess mu meddow.

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss, Villow. Know that there are tons of Cheezfrenz out here who are keeping you close in thoughts and prayers.
    {{{{{{{{Villow adn fambly}}}}}}}}

    • Thakns frogprof… but it reo was beerfairy’s mom, not mine, though I feelher loss vey deeply! ((frogprof))

  8. Deer ebbrubuddy, Lyn (beerfairy) am bin berry tuched bai awl ur kynd fawtz an prayerz, jus so U awl noez… Ai hassa big emoshun tu frum awl dis lubz and warmfs. U gaiz r teh bestes!


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