Hoo’z Kitteh am Dis?

Villow haz sendinged mii dis.  I hopes deh kitteh findz hiz humins.

FOUND PLEASANT GROVE, AL Young, unaltered male tabby hanging around 13th Street in Pleasant Grove. Friendly, a little thin. Appears to have some minor healed scrapes and scratches, probably from the tornado. Saw him come out of some rubble Monday evening (5-23-11). There isn’t a lot left in that area. More info contact: agowdy@ucpbham.com

3 thoughts on “Hoo’z Kitteh am Dis?

  1. o fankyoo cween fer postin dis! Dis caming tu meh first frum cheezfren blackbellied_jack in Allybammy, BTW, iz nawt mi lol. We bofe hopez dat sumhao dis kitteh surbibor can fynd his hoominz or if nawt den sumwun can gib him a forebbur home…

  2. Heez a floofeh littel buggerz….izzent himz, mai cween?

    AI wud bee glad tew adopt hem een a heartbeat, but AI has a kon…con…mai skeen getz all hivey if anee dandurr getz awn mai skeen…maeks me sad… 😦

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