Rhokits Decision

Dis update am frum LeaMarie:  I b sending Rhokit beemz uv love.


23 thoughts on “Rhokits Decision

  1. My little momma also made this decision during her own bout with esophageal cancer 14-1/2 years ago, and although it’s incredibly hard to be a family member and “let” it happen, it was HER decision and the best one for her. Her life became much more peaceful and easy — and when we “kids” could accept it, so did ours. She died easily and painlessly — thank God for painkillers — and I am so grateful she had the guts to make that decision.
    Rhokit — know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of all your Cheezfrenz, and that your decision is brave and amazing. I hope I can have the same kind of grace some day.
    All love and beemz from frogprof, The Stink, and Harley Quinn in Texas, and God bless.

    • I hope you enroll the assistance of a Hospice nurse. It can take a lot of worry off the family. Bless you and you decision.

  2. Dearest Lea, what an amazing friend you have been..of course, we will respect Rhokits wishes…I only hope and pray that her days are pain free and that she leaves this world and begins her new adventure with the same way she lived her life…..with joy, peace, and love. I have a candle burning tonight in her honor….
    With deepest love and best regards,
    Debbie (aka COL)
    Go with godspeed, darling Rhokit. Our lives have been improved by having you here…let that be one of your legacies. You will leave an incredible hole in our hearts….say hello to my mother when you get there.

  3. }}}}}}Rhokit{{{{{{{{{{

    Beeemz uv lub and purrrayerz r bee sentz tew u adn ur fambilee.

  4. Rhokit: My oldest/bestest friend passed recently having made the same decision. She was at peace, as I hope you will be, surrounded by family. It’s a hard decision for someone to make and for the family to honor, and it was YOUR decision. You’ve been a fantastic, wonderful ICHC friend and we’re all wishing you well as you cross the Rainbow Bridge and go into the Princess Mu meadow. It’s an honor to have known you.
    Fare well, Rhokit.

  5. Mai deer Rhokit, *turns off LOLspeek* I respect your decision. Let your life be in peace instead of feeling sicker. I am sad about the decision but I understand. My prayers are with you and beems coming your way. I am sorry you can’t enjoy some of the things you used to do but i want you to have the peace and love you deserve. My heart is broken but my heart knows that we will see each other again. God is with you always, dear Rhokit. You will go over the bridge and see the others who have gone on before like Maus. You can play with the heart kittehs. You will meet my Missy B, Itty Bitty Kitty, Tucky I & II and others. Your pain and illness will be gone in that their place will be wellness and joy. You have the great friend, Leamarie, like i have Cattails. They help hour ease our fears, pains, and loneliness. Please to get the hospice. They help greatly like my Mom. I will miss you Rhokit but one day, we will see each other. God bless and God keep you always, Rhokit.

    {{{{{{{Rhokit}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{Leamarie}}}}}}}

    *LOLspeek resooms*

    Awlways kno Rhokit, u ar a Cheezfren foarebber! Ceiling Cat be wif u awlways!

    Hedbonks & purrs!

    KCTailkinker (Carol)

  6. *lolspeak off*

    Rhokit/Rhoda – I don’t think I ever had the pleasure of exchanging floofy paws of friendship with you but I have read your updates and prayed for you and will continue to do so. I wouldn’t dream of judging your decision. You must do what you believe is best for you. God bless you!


  7. Rhokit, may your days be filled with peace, love, and grace. The right decision is the one that brings peace to your heart, and we support you without question. You are carried in the hearts of all your Cheezfriends forever, and we will all meet again one day at Ceiling Cat’s eternal Cheezmeet. Our love and prayers are with you and LeaMarie. May God bless you.

  8. ai hazza sad fur yoo boaf.
    It is a hard decision, but one that can only be made with support such as you provide. Rhokit was one of my first cheezfrendz. Will cry a little for you both, but if it’s what she wants, so be it.
    {{{lea marie}}}

  9. Oh, Rhokit, u will bee missed. U has maded us lol mennee, mennee times. Please know that you have brought happiness into the lives of many, both here and IRL. Go in peace, and know you are lubd.


  10. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Rhokit and Leamarie}}}}}}}}}}} Brave. Know that although we’ve never met, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sending you my love.

  11. Dear Rhokit/Rhoda,

    Good for you! You have the right to some physical & emotional comfort and to live and die in the manner of your own choosing.

    I am so sad and sorry to be losing you. But I am so glad that you will, I fervently hope, have less pain and anxiety.

    With love, hugs, hedbonks and ankle rubs to both you & LeaMarie,

  12. deerest Rhokit, iz gud tu haz maed choice, cawse is UR life, no wun elses! lol speak off:
    May your days be peaceful, pain free and loving, and may your step into your next journey be a smooth one. Many Blessings.
    lol speak on:
    we will haz a missed u, butt(!!) u noe wut iz best fur u an ur lief. i haz a prowed to haev meeted u!

  13. Sweetheart, you have prayed about this, and i know the LORD will walk you through this and take you home –to be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD! GOD bless you greatly, and give all your close friends and family the peace He has given you.
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  14. *raps hur arms arownd Rhokit/Rhoda, an jus hoalds awn*
    Live in peace, beautiful Rhokit. Move on when you must, and take our love and strength with you on your journey. Until then, live in peace. Blessed be, always.

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