KCT Leaving Nursing Home

Dis nooz am frum our deer frend, Cattailz:

KCT has reached her 100th day in the skilled nurfing hoam. Her insurance will not pay for eny moar days. Dr. Tinycat is putting her back in teh horspittle for a few days then she is going to go to a motel for awhile till we find a better solution. She cannot go back to her apartment because uf teh steps. She got herself a sporty new wheelchair and is going to need anudder munf uf auntie biotics. It luks liek she will be reddy for her gnu gnee about teh end uf July oar early August.
Purrs n hedbonks,


11 thoughts on “KCT Leaving Nursing Home

  1. This is absolutely outrageous. My little brother’s father-in-law was fighting an infection in his foot for what was at least the last 3 years of his life. He was able to stay in skilled care, there was no such thing as these damn arbitrary limits like “100 days”. Numbers are set by beaurocrats. Oh, and little bro’s father-in-law lived in Germany. Health care reform NOW!

    • I soooo agree with you, mm. KCT had a good job, worked hard and had what we would consider great health insurance. But when multiple health issues arise, this is what happens. She has had 8 surgeries in 2 years and 4 of them were just since January.

  2. What a tremendous spirit. Go, KCT! Please keep us posted of where we can send greetings. {{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}

  3. Yeah, Scott has to leave Good Sam by the 8th of June for the same reason. Continuing to pray for your healing, lovey!
    Love you lotses! –janey

  4. ohai ebbrybuddy! *extendz floofy paw tew doze ai has nawt met* *lolspeek off* I agree with you, mugglemary; here in France care is covered for as long as you need it and even if it is expensive for the State it is a blessing to have. KCT and Scott would have ample time to make decisions about their care without being pressured by insurance issues. Health care reform now for the USA – I second that! It’s high time.

    {{{KCT & Cattails}}}
    {{{Janey & Scott}}}
    {{{Teeples all rownd}}}

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