Halp KCTailkinker

Dis kummingz tu us frum Sparkysmom & Cattails. 

I b sendin this msg to ask for help for our cheezpeep fwen, KCTailkinker!

She has been released from the hosp to the only place we could find for her, a motel in Overland Park, KS. (kansas city).  We desparatly need someone who can visit with her for an hour or 2 a day for the next 2 weeks. Do you live in the area? Would youb willing to do this? Or do you have a friend or family member who is nearby and cud do this?  We can pay, up to maybe $10 an hour. She is all alone, in a wheelchair an needs company and someone who can help her get around.
We are very worried that she will hurt herself trying to do somthing on her own. There is a swimming pool available and cable TV- we would like someone who can take her outside in the sunshine an fresh air, and b kind to her.

If yu are interested pls contact kaffee at cattails3 at yahoo dot com asap and, guys pleez send yur prayers for her an us, we b trying so hard to help our friend!

Fanx to awl, Sparkysmom


18 thoughts on “Halp KCTailkinker

  1. Could you put up an ad at a local college (all of the college students are having terrible trouble getting any kind of job) asking for a female student wanting to work 10-12 hours per week for $9-10 an hour? Maybe get a nursing student or someone who is going into social work who would be interested? Maybe they even know LOLspeak!! 🙂

    • -cattails put the job up on da listing at da college and der b answers alwreddy! the beri furst one from a nursing student Yay ! fings b lookin up! she got, i fink, at leest 4 or 5 replies frominterested students but also got one from an older lady who works indaliberry! I knew der hadda b peeps out der who b needn eben liddle bitty werk.plus I fink it is Kvnsgrrl who is one a da Crew, but off line ober da weekend, is gonna visit ! mayb dis weekweekweekend! yay a mini-cheezmeet happenen in KC! An I talked to Carol 2 day , an she actually sounded better than I expected. She wuz a little confuzeld at the beginning, but wuz able to keep up wif my silleenesspretty well, an seemed to b in an emotionally happier place by the time our conversashun wuz ober. Ifn yu wud liek to help or to call her, just contact Kathy(cattails) at the e-meow above and she will help yu. Go Cheezpeeps!

  2. Yoo coulds alsew notify nearby churches and other houses of worship. Ai knoes Episcopal deacons are beriberi gud at visiting and finding peoplols to do teh kind of fing yoo are finking ob.

  3. ai wish Plasticat an ai libbed closer to KS!! ai wuld lub to be able to visit wif KCT. Stoopy medical system. Ai hopes yu finds sumwun wunnerful to help owr KCT!!!!

  4. O mai! ai whish ai libbed cloaser, tu. awl ai can du is send mai bestest and britest beems and gud fots. Hoeps yu finds sumbunny soon!

  5. If I lived near KCT I would be there in a heartbeat. I really am sorry to hear about this. I know it isn’t the same but she can contact me on FB or by email any time she wants. I will check often for any messages from her. I would enjoy chatting with KCT cuz she’s a sweetie!

  6. I put the “Companion Care Help Wanted” ad up on the listserv and got 4 replies right away. I am interviewing a nursing student this afternoon and a college employee tomorrow who would visit evenings and weekends.

    It was very hard to go from being constantly surrounded by loving care and friends at the nursing home to sitting alone in a motel. The stoopy motel wi-fi doesn’t reach to her room and so she doesn’t ahve internet. I was counting on that to keep her in communication with her cheezfrends.

    We are still looking for an alternative to the motel until she has surgery. And a case manager to help us sort through the myriad piles of forms and red tape.

    Thanks for all your loving responses. I appreciate your support.

    Purrs n hedbonks,

  7. if we emeow yoo, can yoo gibbing us a address to sending cards an letters?

    God bless yoo an yor huzbind for all yor luving care ob KCT
    {{{{{{cattails & huzbind}}}}}}

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