A Home for KCT

OMCC!!! Lukk at dis grate gnuz frum Cattails!!!
KCT has found a place to stay. Ceiling cat was watching over KCT and she is sharing an apartment wif someone who was lonely and needing company. This sweetie has had many similar health challenges and understands what she is going through, even stayed in many of the same skilled nursing facilities. They are habing a wundermous time sharing stories and getting acquainted. KCT can stay there till she am back on her feet. Fanks for all teh beems.
Purrs n hedbonks,



26 thoughts on “A Home for KCT

  1. Whaaaa _ Hoooooey. Sutch wondermous gnus. Happ dansdansdanzings for KCT till KCT can join in. Bless You all, Mehide

  2. *duze the happytayul twerltwerltwerl dans!*
    That’s fantastic news – thanks for letting us know, I was only thinking of KCT this morning and how things were going for her! Please pass along to her how happy I am and to please give a big Ozzie hug to your new ‘roomie’!! xoxo

  3. O happy dansdansdanse!!! *leap, twirl, wagwagwag, shuffle step, grapevine, jazz paws!* Dis is bestbestbestbestBEST gnus! Hao wundermus to findify sumwun hoo habs gone froo similar fings adn wills unnerstand what owr KCT needs!

    Cattails, yoo dids gudgudgudgud! CC is putting eggstraw stars in your crown!

  4. Yay!! Oh Yay!! And then Yay some moar! 😉
    She’s SO good with helping other people. And to be in a place where she’s needed – AND has company is purrrrrfekt! I was so worried.
    Will she be ablol to have her kitteh there as well?
    Gud noos iz awlwaiz – GUD GNUS!!!!

  5. I have to admit that this week was about the lowest point I have reached in the 2 1/2 years I have known KCT and been trying to halp her. I thought there was nothing left to be done. Teh cheezpeeps have been such a source of strength and support for me and for KCT all along and we really appreciate it but SPARKYSMOM is teh one who pulled me through this one. Cheezpeeps am teh bestest!
    The situation is nawt totally purrfect… and it is yet to be determined if teh kittehs can come, but they can certainly come visit. I’m keepin my paws crossed.

  6. (diggin toe inda dirt)aw, shucks, Cattails, I nawt b doin dat much! ( blushes) I just tryin to b der for yu wif my brain at the ready an my google skills at yur serbis.
    The miracle here is that when Carol called Kathy to tell her she couldnt stay at the motel, Kaffee was sitting wif Kelly, who was der 2b intervuewed for a job helpin KCT!! WOW!!
    An Kelly jumped in rite away an vited Carol to come to her Moms, to stay ar least overnite!! We hab truly met us a couple if Angels! Truly! Fanking CC for all her help! An hur daddi-cat fOr da great bkessings he sended awil ob us tgru Jane an Kelly

  7. Jeez. Dats sposed to b ” an hur daddi-cat for da gr8 blessings He sended awl ob us frew Jane and Kelly”

  8. Dis amazerling!!! Just wen u fink dere’s nowear tu turn, a cheepzpeep safes teh dai!!! Hooorai fur Sparkysmom!!! Hooorai fur Cattials adn multipool hooorais for KCT adn her noo frend!

  9. krash adn burn, ai’ve bene tehre
    seemz ai’m goin tehre agen
    ai luuk 4 sukkoor enny playse ai can
    teh yooniburse tuu big tu cayr
    teh wurld iz tuu big tuu
    so ai luuk 4 cumfort tu mai fello man

    ai kan rayj agenst dizaztur
    kast ee gayt mai lot
    butt tahtz juss waystz tyme ai kannut spayr
    so wen ai nede a legg up or
    a strong suppawtin arm
    ai luuk tu tohse arownd taht ai noe cayr

    ai kan cownt teh braykz ai’ve had
    on teh tose on mai left hand
    iff not 4 bad lukk ai’d hav nun att awl
    butt wen ai tayk a kikkin
    from teh cold uncarin faytz
    ai noe tehrez awl waes peepz ai kan cawl

  10. Aiz bery happee to here teh gud knooz, zillions of fankees tew Cattails, Sparkysmom adn ebberywun wotz halped hear. Ai hoepz awl werks owt fore KCT, herz nedes sum gud hapnings in her laif adn may teh karma be taht tihs be teh tyme. Finking ob yew awl, *hedbonkz adn skritchez*

  11. Ai wuz just finking bout KCT on my just-completed morning walk. Dis iz such grate gnus dat ai cannawt hardly believe it. Two ladies who needing each uvver. Here’z hoping dey bof get betterer wif each uvver’s helps. Here too iz fanking Cattails adn SparkysMom fur dere helps.

  12. Ah’m frowin a partee! a partee ob celebrashun ob happiness! Boy, dat Boss of CC reelie does wurk in mysterious weighs….ohhhhhhh.ohhhhhhhh…….ooooooooh!

  13. Liek sewmenny ovver cheezpeeps heer, ai wuz wunderin hao KCT wuz duin – a partmint! Yay! Wif a roomie, eben!

    Ai has a hyooj ammirashun fur teh strongth an endurrins ov teh hole brayd – KCT fur fitin fru teh plehs an not givvin up, Cattails fur too YEERS (hassit rly been taht long?) ov bein tehre ebbryday fur her frend, and Sparkysmom fur teh support teemwerk at teh criticle minnit!

  14. yay!!!!!!!
    dans dans dans ub joobilayshun for KCT, cattails an teh noo roomee!
    mai hart iz full at teh wunders ub CC’s boss an cheezpeeps!

  15. GOD is good all the time, and all the time, GOD is good! He has supplied Carol’s needs according to His riches in glory! This is wonderful news! Thanks for being there–it is a wonderful thing to be part of GOD’s work, aifinkso!
    Love you lotses! —janey

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