MamaGwyn Passez

I haz reseevinged dis frum Jamamamamakitteh:

pam barbeau (grammy ogg) got this email from mamagwyn’s husband and asked that it be put on the cryer…

I’m still crying.

She went so fast!

I stopped by about 5:30 to have dinner with her. I thought she was just sleeping, but I couldn’t wake her up. The nurse said she had talked to her just an hour earlier. We summoned the med nurse, and her BP was 8 over 6 – for real! Blood oxy level only 31. EMSA came and transported her immediately, but could only get her BP to about 60 over 30. By 9:30, her heart had stopped once already, the Doppler BP was only 38, and they were ready to put her on a fifth BP med, which the doctor said would only prolong things for a very short while.

She didn’t want to go. I know she didn’t want to go. But they said that it was only the drugs keeping the heart going, and that there was so little flow it was just circulating in the body cavity.

You all probably don’t want to hear all this. I don’t know why I’m telling. You were her friends, and you should remember her the way she was.

I want my Glynda back…”


27 thoughts on “MamaGwyn Passez

    • Oh, hun, there is so much yearning in this post, I’m crying so hard… My heart goes out to Richard and you and Winnie and Tookie and everybody. Badger up on my Cheeze profile for healing and comfort to you all. Love you…
      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{grammy ogg, Winnie Wonka, Tookat}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Glynda’s famblee an freenz}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  1. Oh gosh… So heartbreaking… I was shocked to hear of her passing. I knew she was sick, but I thought she would get better. I expected her to come back to us. I knew Mamagwyn only from brief passings-by on ICHC, but I loved her kitten-like humor and her momcat-like composure. I hope she knew how much she was loved… still IS loved. And my heart pours out to her husband, who is now so very very sad… I hope he can find some comfort from snuggles wiv teh majik kittens and I hope he knows that we are his friends too. And now I need moar tishuuz…

  2. such a sadness… heart goes out to Hubby, and Peace goes out for MamaGwyn…we will see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge……

  3. Oh Richard, my heart is breaking – breaking for you and your beloved Glynda. Your final words in your message are some of the most powerful and sad words I have ever read – to be as loved as she was by you is something that just doesn’t happen to everyone and for that you were both so fortunate.
    Words and music have often given me great comfort and solace, regardless of the genre – this song came to mind when I read your words and if I may, I would like to put them here for you:

    “God only knows” 9as sung beautifully by the Beach Boys)

    ‘If you should ever leave me
    Though life would still go on believe me
    The world could show nothing to me
    So what good would living do me

    God only knows what I’d be without you’

    Hugs, Sue

  4. This is such horrible horrible news.
    My sincere condolences to her husband and the rest of her family.
    May her soul find rest.

  5. O, I am crying so hard. Those last words….
    May all our tears help wash away the sad, so that you remember only the glad. May our tremulous smiles help to bring the sun back to you in the future. Our love and caring comes to you as fast as thought.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{MamaGwyns Family}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  6. I send condolances – love – and golden beams to follow her on her way–.
    Wishing her family an ease of heart and knowing many have been filled with her love of everything —

  7. No one like to hear bad news, but it needs to be told. You need to tell it, and we need to listen. There is a big black cloud of sorrow and despair trying to cover your soul, and each of us can take a little bit of it away and let the light back in. May God bless and keep you, and please, please know that you are not alone.

  8. I keep reading, and re-reading these moving, unfiltered, from the heart words. I am so very, very sorry for your loss, our loss. May you find peace in her memory, her legacy to us all, and please know we grieve with you.

  9. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{dear, dear Richard}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    We can only imagine your pain, Richard. Please know that we grieve with you and for you – our loss in Cheezland is only a tiny fraction of your loss, I know. Glynda was treasured here, and part of our family, which makes you ‘family’, too – you are always welcome here. I know we can’t reduce your grief in any measure, nor would we presume to try; after all, just as Glynda won your love, she earned your tears at her passing. But at those times when you need us to help you carry the burden, come here, and we will do the very best we can. Remember that MamaGwyn is forever part of ICHC, forever here in the LOLs she shared with us, forever part of the Web That Binds Us, and can be visited whenever you want. Wishing you strength, Richard, and hoping that our love enfolds you – always blessed be.

  10. I still find it amazing how, even though most of us Cheezfrends never meet (and probably because of the huge distances involved, never will), we all still feel that we know each other through messages and posts – and how much it affects us all too when these sad occurences happen. I feel terribly sad for Mamagwyn’s family and friends, not to mention sad for all those who knew her well through the world of Cheezburger. God rest your soul, Mamagwyn, and help those around you to get through this awful time of loss {{{{{{{{{{Mamagwyn, Richard, family and friends}}}}}}}}}} xx

  11. You need to tell us this. This is one of the reasons we are here, to offer comfort and support at these times. The more you can express your feelings the easier your acceptance will become, over time. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Richard and family}}}}}}}}}}}}

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