Mamagwyn RIP

Mary0spockn posted this on my ICHC profile:

long and winding road from Kelly Pusskitty & Kate R. from facebook: “I see that the word has finally reached this group. I have heard more from Glynnda’s husband. She simply fell asleep in the early evening about one hour after speaking with a nurse. They took her back to the hospital but could not revive her. She went without pain though, just fell into a deeper and deeper sleep until she could leave her physical self.

15 thoughts on “Mamagwyn RIP

  1. o, i haz teh teer. am glad u went quiet and gentle mamagwyn, mai ur kittehs keep u kompani till we awl meet at deh brij tugever.
    {{{{{MamaGwyn’s fambly}}}}}}

  2. May teh angels leads yoo into paradise (helped ob corse by menny menny kittehs). Rest in peace, adn may there be peace for your family.

  3. Goodbye Mamagwyn, you will be sadly missed.

    I’m sorry to have to give more sad news but I thought folks would want to know this. If you haven’t seen the announcement well…it looks as if we will soon lose another cheesefriend. Most unfortunately Rhokit is in the hospital and totally unresponsive. It is a sad day for cheeseland.

    • Oh my. Dere’s been enuf loss in Cheezeland dis year. Ai nawt fink ai culd take annuver wun.
      *lites seberal candles in da house*

  4. Godspeed to Mamagwyn and peace to her family. To Rhokit and her loved ones as well, peace with no pain and no fear.

  5. *sits sadly in teh corner, adn tries to remember dat teh lubs nebber leave us* Dis indeed a sad tiem for Cheezland. Ai so sorry to heer dat Rhokit may alsew goe soon. Adn yet, awl dere pain adn suffering be ober, adn dey libs in joy forebber. But for us, iz sew sad.

    {{{{{{{{{awl ob Cheezland adn dere frends adn famblies}}}}}}}}}

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