KittyRoo Wokkz Owt uf deh Darkness

Dis report am frum deh KittyRoo:

Fank u tu awl mai tee-adn-cheez frends hoo hab supported mee in diz eggsperiens, eeber bai gibbing munnies or bai gibbing lubs and enkurijmints.  Ai raysed 1270 munnies, adn ai wokked the hole 18 mylols!  Ai meeted the most wunnermus peepz, awl kumin tugevver to show dere comitment tu honoring dere lubbed wuns awlreddy lawst adnt tu providing resorcis tu preventing moar suicides.  Aifinso the bestist, mort tuching part wuz walking hand in hand acrost the Brooklyn Brij wif a muvver and dottir-in-law, greeving a berry recent and partikyoolirly difficult lawss yet cuming to walk wif peepz hoo reelee unnerstand.

It wuz an honnir for mee to ‘member mai frends lubbed wuns diz wai.

Anne (KittyRoo)

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20 thoughts on “KittyRoo Wokkz Owt uf deh Darkness

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KittyRoo}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Dat’s an amazeing akomplishment! Having losted a room-mate to suicide and knowign many other peeps who hav tryed tu go dis wai, Ai hazza beeg happee four wot yu did! Gud-gud werk!

  2. Ai wuz a prowd sapporta uv u adn wuz finkin uv u during teh walk!!! *Pats teh Roo on teh back* U did a wonnermus fing ifnikso!!!

  3. *standz up an applawdz longtyme, wipez teer ob pryde fur KittyRoo*

    Brave! Bravo! Bravissimo! datz our Kitty! 🙂

    • Joyns teh proud parade behind Upfi. U dided a wundermus fing for all teh famblees uv peeps who fite and struggle and still has to leave us too urlii.
      Congarats and enourmus hugs

      • It has been many years since i felt the call of that darkness, but i remember well the temptation to “just end the pain”. Thank you, dear one. May lives be saved because you walked.

  4. Wat a grate thing yu hav done and for such an important but offen overlukked cauze. Fank yu.

  5. Fank yoo KittyRoo. Ai is beri sowwy ai dids nawt noe yoo were doing dis. *Applauds humbly adn wif grate respekt* Last summer a deere friend’s adult daughter left teh whirled in dis way, adn dis habs been debasting for mai friend. Ai habs sat wif her menny hours when awl wii could do was sit in teh silence ob pain adn nawt eben tawk.

    Yoo dids gudgudgudgud!

  6. {{{{{KittyRoo}}}}} Fankies frum da bottom ob my heart. You haz done a wondermus fing – walking da whole route. Fankies tu for da group dat organized dis “walk out of the darkness”.

  7. fankyoo KittehRuu….dis am a berry speshul fing dat deez peeps has dun.
    Ai lawstid mai hubcat Randy tu dis; Ai wisht Ai cooda walked wif yu, tu.
    Fanks frum teh bottom uv mai borked hart, and fur awl those hoo has had sumwun tooked away frum dem in dis way….

  8. Fankyoo, ebberywun! It wuz mai cheezy honnir to participate, and remember mai frends adn their sorrows.

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