Racy Uppydate

Heer am a racy emayo frum Ambercat:

My Race for Life sponsor page closes in four weeks’ time so if you want to donate, now is the time to do it! I completed my 10km on May 21st in just under 2 hours; a nice, steady stroll around Lydiard Park in the sunshine. No stiffness or sore muscles or even fatigue, even though I’d had the 2nd cycle of chemo. (I’ve now had Cycle 3 – of 6 – and things are currently going in the right direction) and was able to eat vast amounts of CAKE afterwards!
You might get a warning about expired security certificate – this is to do with JustGiving’s Microsoft licence; not the security of the site – so putting in your credit/debit card number won’t put you at risk of phishing or identity theft.
So far, I’ve raised £1300 but I’d really like to push that up to £1500 – not least because I don’t know if I’ll be well enough to take part again but also because I really need that money to find new treatments for me, and others like me!
Thank you so very much to all who have supported my efforts, your donation makes such a difference to the work of Cancer Research UK and to me. Like it says on Race for Life’s publicity: Together we can beat cancer

9 thoughts on “Racy Uppydate

  1. Ruth! I can’t find the link for the giving place. Is it here??? And I just can’t see it??

    But I’m with you! I’d like nothing more on earth than to find a cure for you – and everyone else!!! This is one of the worthiest of all causes!!!

  2. Oops, just realised my post makes it sound like I, personally, get the money! (Oh, I wish!) It’s Cancer Research UK gets the cash, but I, and so many other cheezpeeps touched by cancer, who get the benefit.

    CweenMJ has made the opening statement clickable, to take you to the sponsor page, or use the link in her comment, above.

  3. Proud of you for your “stroll,” Ambercat! I don’t know if my Swindon-living cousin walked, but I was with you in spirit!

  4. I’m so glad it went well! I continue to pray for you, beloved. I’m also glad they found another chemo that is helping–last i heard, things were not going as well.
    All my love—janey

  5. And we’re there!!! The total just hit £1,5o5.00!!! PLUS £158 in GiftAid (tax relief)! What a fantastic effort by all my friends, family and – most of all – my cheezfrendz!

    Well done and thankyou to each and every one of you!!!

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