Nightshayde Swimz fur Ekwality

Ower deer frend Nightshayde ama brave kitteh!!! Shii am going tu swim!!  Shii haz sending mii dis:

Ohai, Mah Cween!,

As you probably know, LGBT Equality is something about which I’m rather passionate. I’m tired of seeing friends and family members denied the same rights that my husband and I have been given automatically. I’m tired of hearing about good, decent people being made to suffer because they don’t adhere to others’ versions of morality.

I’ve made donations to various groups which are working to fight against discrimination. I am a regular on the Prop 8 Trial Tracker website. I am now taking one more step — I am “taking the plunge” by swimming 1.7 miles in open water to achieve equality for LGBT Californians and to raise awareness, visibility, and money for the cause. The Swim for Equality will take place on September 24th in Malibu, CA.

I need your help. Not with the swimming part — I’ve got that pretty well-covered.

Will you please make a donation so I can get to my fundraising finish line?

Your support will benefit Equality California, the group who is on the front lines advocating for LGBT Californians in Sacramento, and leading incredible door-to-door canvasses in areas where we need more support for marriage equality.

Thanks in advance for your support. It means so much to me that you will help me in the fight for equality.

Follow this link to visit the team page for Shayna Reynolds.
Follow this link to visit Shayna Reynolds’s page.

Shayna Reynolds


27 thoughts on “Nightshayde Swimz fur Ekwality

  1. Fankies so muchlee fur postifying dis, cweenmj. Ur support (an teh support of awl teh Cheezfrendz & lurkers & otter frendz) meenz moar to me den u kud knowing.

    *seems to haz leekee eyes*

  2. Fundz r tyght rihgt nao, but wuld cheerz frum teh siedlienz wurk?

    AI gots mai pawm pawms reddi and ebberyting!

  3. I tried to post as nightshayde, but apparently my donation page linkee is tripping a filter here, too. *sigh*

    Thank you so much for postifying dis, Cweenmj. *pauses to wipe leekee eyez* Ur support & teh support uv all the other Cheezfrendz & lurkers & otter frendz meenz moar to me den u kin possiblee knowing.

    I know munnies are tight for a lot of people right now. If you can’t donate a munnie, please at least support me in your thoughts — and do whatever you can to help support equality for all. It can be as simple as speaking up when you hear someone use an anti-gay slur — or posting in the comments on a news article & supporting civil marriage rights for all as well as speaking up against any pro-discrimination measures which are coming up for a vote in your town/city/state/province/country.

  4. *waves pawm pawms* Go, Nightshayde, go! Go Nightshayde, go~!!

    What people think these says about equality among others is just utterly ridiculous. Gays, straights, men, women, and children all have equal rights…as stated in the Constitution of the United States of America, hence why our forefathers wrote it. We would not even BE here today, if they had not come up with a crazy idea that both men AND women should be treated like equals, no ifs, ands, ors, and buts about it. Why, if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have freedom of speech, freedom to make our own choices, and the freedom to say what we want, WHEN we want.

    Oar iz dat juts mii?

  5. i haz no monies, butt iz fiting teh fite too- wen had tu taek MIL tu hospitail, had tu wait loooooooooooong tiem fur drtinycat tu luk at her, sew we iz doing teh talking, and i korrected sum ob her thinkings on this subject (more child abuse, why do this-don’t they already have rights, that kind ob thing) so wee had gud long talk, cawse she cud nawt go noeware! so she unnerstands a liddle bit bedder naow. we haz had ower furst ‘civil union’ in the next county ober, maed the paper, which is why wee were talking about it in the nawt sekind place.
    I will bee finking ob you, an sending lots ob gud thawts ur way wile u bee swimmin!

    • Mawmacat,
      Did ebryting goez otai wif dr. tinycat? And en mai fambily, wee call thoz momentz “Coem tew Jeeebus momentz”.

      Wud u liek sum pawm pawms tew hepl mii cheerz awn Nightshayde?

      • ohai kittehkatcelia. yesh, i wud bery mush liek sum pawm pawms tu helify wif cheering awn nithgshayde!
        yesh, MIL falled dwon, butt did not bork anyfing, just pulled sum muscles. an wif mos ob mai fambly, coem tew Jeebus momentz wud indeed bee that teim, butt MIL is otay in that dee partmant.

  6. Hello,
    We haven’t met, and I don’t post very much (I lurk a LOT, though), but I just had to applaud your effort. I think it’s so great that you stand up for family and friends who are happy in a different lifestyle. I made a donation on your page (not as much as I’d like, but I did want to do something). You should have my personal email address that way; I’d love to know how you’re doing.
    Keep your chin up and try not to swallow too much water!!

    • Thank you so much! Every little bit helps — and every little bit is appreciated more than most of you will ever know.

      I’ve always known that true, mutual love is challenging to find. It’s hard enough for those of us who find that love with a widely-accepted (and legally sanctioned) partner. I know gay couples whose relationships have outlasted those of many many straight couples I know — I really don’t see any reason why people can’t keep their hurtful opinions to themselves rather than trying to enshrine them in law.

      • I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been married more than once, so the whole “sanctity of marriage” thing should be what makes each person happy. I’ve often said that true love is so scarce, it should be treasured, no matter what.

      • clappity, clappity….. da crowd gose wild 4 nightshayde……
        diz am a gud fing u r doin 4 awl ob bin 2gethr wif mai partner 4 30 yeers.

        ai hab 2 frendz hoo losted dere life partnerz afta 32 yeerz togehr. one woman frum breast cancer and one frum ALS.

        fankz 4 swimmin 4 equality for evrybodi.

  7. Munnies am awl sew tite here butt (!) ai sended a litlol. Cali is on teh front line, but wut u is doin is beri-beri important for us awl. Human peeps is human peeps, and shud bee treeted wif dignity and lubs.

  8. sumtimes ai fink we (‘murikans) b 4gettin r Declaration ob independency, yes ai do
    “we hold these truths to be self evident, (meaning- so obvious they dont need proving)
    that all men (meaning- every living human on earth- good peeps n bad peeps, foreners, child
    molesters, nazi’s, terrorists, etc- notice they dont say “all americans”)
    are created equal. and are endowed by their creator (given by God, not bestowed by a king,
    or earned in some other way.)
    with cetain inalienable rights. (meaning- rights that NO ONE can take away, and no one can
    GIVE away)
    That among these are life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

    i wonder some times, why in the world n e one cares what goes on inside another persons house.
    why do we care so obcesively whether jane and mary have sex behind that closed apt door?
    seems sorta sick, ifn yu ax me !

  9. Ohai, Nightshayde, ai be maeking a nawt-as-mutch-as-ai-wish-ai-cud donashun in onner ob a berry brave yung fwend hoo have resintly comminged owt.. Fankyew so mutch foar doing tihs!

  10. I have noticed an odd thing from time to time (mostly because my husband alerted me to it). If your donation receipt says something about participant #ff0000, please let me know. I’m not sure what MY participant number is (odd system, if you ask me…), but that’s not it. I think #ff0000 is the general donation fund.

    Your money will still be going to the cause, but I won’t get credit for it … so if you let me know, I can get it straightened out (no pun intended).


      • Would you please forward your receipt to me so I can get it straightened out? If you don’t want to forward it to me, that’s fine, too — you can send it to and ask them to credit the donation to Shayna Reynolds.

        Thank you!

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