KC CheezMeet

oooooo…. lukit deh knewz frum SparkyzMom!! 

I want eberibuddy to know we is PLANNING a cheezmeet for Kansa City (KS or MO, eiver one, or both)  for 10/21-10/23.

We’ s hoping our Carol will b habn a new nee, and all recubered, an reddy to debut her new self-  an we all b der to do da cheering for hur !     at the moment, fings are lookin OK for her, Dr says surgery for 2 put in new knee will b in August, ifn her progress continues.  She still b gettin da IV aunty-biotics for killifyin da fecshun- which aint ded yet.

Ifn Carol is not in good shape the meet will b postponed.

We plan an initial dinner 2 gevver friday nite (site TBD),  then the area has many activities to fill Saturday ( personally, I b gonna go to the Toy and Miniature museum, anda “farmstead” witch b a farm animal petting zoo. ( gotz 2 pet me some baby goats !) ( an mayb milk me a cow?  hmmm. we’ll see)  i fink late sat afternon wud b good time for pool party at whereever I am,  den saturday night we b awl 2 gevver for famous KC Bar-b-Cue, an sharin an takin piccys ana corse da manditory laffin an tawkin !.  I will b stayin inna hotel or mayb a b&b, but will have internet, anna big TB, an a pool so yu guys can come ober an swim wif me ( prolly in da dark- dont wanna show off my fluffy !) we cud just stay in, doin da laffin n tawkin fing ifn we wantz.  I b spendin much, much time browsin roun and I can tell yu der b many,many not spensib places to stay ober ifn yu wantz !

I b knowin dat me (Sparksmom), Cattails n hubby, kctailkinker (Carol), gonna b der, hopin also kvnsgrrl, n mimikitti n bethwilson are near enuff dat dey can come, an any body else who wantz to!  Come one, come awl!   as long as Carol is OK, we will awl b der a meetin an a greetin!

ifn yu can come for friday, Sat, an sunday that b gr8! ifn yu cant b der awl doze days come for 2 !,   or 1!  n e way yu wantz!  just show up!

Ifn yu b flyin,  yu fly to MCI (kansas int airport)

doan forgit yur camera !  an yur bavin suit!  an bring piccys ob awl yur kittehs! (an yur goggies ifn yu HAFF to)

so xcitin to b meetin awl ob yu !

sparkysmom (melody.colville@ gmail.com)


5 thoughts on “KC CheezMeet

  1. Ohai SparkyzMom!! Ai keeps dis in mynd an hazza hopeful dat Ai kan bee der. Mebbe awn teh trane, Ai goe luuk rite nao. Wuud bee uh guud getawaye, aifinkso!!

  2. *starts pakin teh car*
    Wut? Wut’s taht u say Oscar? Ai has to wait? Nawt wants to wait! Wut? Teh rode betwiin Omaha an KC is fludded? Derp.
    *unpaks car*

  3. Wii can has more details on hao KCT is doing? Ai is beri sowwy teh Princess adn ai won’t be ables to attend, but wii shalls be finking ob yoo adn send gudgudgud tiem beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz to awl whoo am dere!

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