KimKiwi Crossez deh Raynbow Bridge


I has a sad. Our beloved Kimkiwi has crossed the bridge after a valiant struggle. She is survived by her human friend Marco, and her furry friends Ophelia and Buddy.
She is gone, but ~never~ forgotten.


39 thoughts on “KimKiwi Crossez deh Raynbow Bridge

  1. Jeanne – how right you are. We were part of her famblee, too.
    And ai just cant beleeve she is gone.

    Deer, DEER Kim! We will miss yoo awlwaiz. But since yoo will awlso be in ar harts, yoo will be wif us just a littlol bit.

  2. OK slowly adn sadly walks to da edje ob da Princess Mu meadow – head low, tail down. Sits by da bridje and waits fur sum sign ob KimKiwi. Maybe ai can wave ohai/obye, or maybe just feel her spirit pass. Tears flow in sucha number dat shamwow iz nawt enuf.

    *Mr. Night Watchman: Pleeze tu welcome KimKiwi wif open arms adn send her tu meet hur angel fur-beebehs. Ai know dey iz waiting fur her.

    {{{{{KimKiwi}}}}} Requiescat in pace

    • Amen. {{{{{KimKiwi}}}}}

      “Tho they may go softly into that good night, the ones they leave behind will know that with the long struggle finally over, the weary traveler may finally rest.”

      See you in the Meadow, Kim.

    • mind if ai joyn yu, OK? *sits nekst to OK an offers her a tishoo*
      anudder sadsad day in Cheezland. we iz habbing way too many of dese.

      • *snuggles up to Uniquekitty an collegekitteh*
        ai feels liek ai just meeted her. She was so strong and graceful an will bee missed bau mennee
        {{{{Marco, her famblee, and the mennee peeps hoo lubd her}}}}}

  3. May the angels lead you into Paradise,
    May the martyrs come to welcome you,
    And carry you to the Holy City,
    The new and eternal Jerusalem.
    May choirs of angels greet you.
    And like Lazarus, once poor,
    May you have eternal rest.

    Eternal rest grant them, O Lord,
    let Light perpetual shine upon them.

    (Ai joins in teh sad wif awl teh Cheezpeeps. Wii iz strawng for eech otter, but teh losses still hurtify.)

  4. Rest in peace Kim. Even though I didn’t know you, my heart is filled with sadness that another cheezpeep has crossed the bridge. My thoughts and prayers are with Marco, Buddy, Ophelia and all cheezpeepz who knew and loved Kim.

  5. we knew this was coming, but hoped it wouldn’t be so soon… on the other hand, it’s good she is free of the pain and illness. she was a funny, clever, and gracious lady ob cheezland, and will be sorely missed.

  6. *sigh* eben doh ai nawt nowed hur well, ai feelz a big sad cuz cuz awl cheezlandz harts am borked tudai. Farewell Kim.

  7. Mee too – Ai not nose KimKiwi two well – juss from da commints. Butt(!) she bee berry speshall Ai can tell buy all da notes ob lub. CC speed – to ur foreberebereber home.
    {{{{ Marco, KK’s human family, and Ophelia and Buddy }}}}

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