Munnay Moarnin SyngAlong

* nownsur boyce *

Sum sai “Piggeh rawks fur whirrled peas”

Sum sai “Piggeh rawks fur teh kidlets”

Sum sai “Piggeh rawks fur pork scratchings”

Awl wii nose is:

“Piggeh… RAWKS! (fur kimkiwi)”

Plz tu getting yurselbes reddy fur whut wheel bii TEH. GRATEST. MUNNAY. MOARNIN. SYNGALONG. EBBER!!!

* nod nod * Yu herd it rite, heer, in cheezland neckst Sundai teh 10nd Joolai awn a LOL sumthyme in teh TTI affernuun (eet wheel bii Munnay moarning in kiwiland den) wii can has a kimkiwi memorilol consert!!!

Yesh, yesh, yu tu kin writing a sawng, oar does a dansdansdans oar reeds a powem oar whutebber yu wants tu does.





5 thoughts on “Munnay Moarnin SyngAlong

  1. taht is an egg salad eye deer, GP. Mennee peeps wants to say bye to sum ov hour lubd ones.

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